Comfy Cozy with My Little Loves

Outfit details: The Great College Sweatshirt, The Cropped Sweatpants, London’s Splendid Sweatsuit, London’s bow, Graden’s Peek Love Shirt, Graden’s Splendid sweatpants

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is this week?! This past weekend we had so much fun working on Capri and Cannon’s classroom valentines.

You guys might’ve seen this Instagram post from last week. I’ve been wearing these sweats nonstop! They are so cute and SO comfortable! A little pricey but totally worth it (in my opinion). Also, how cute are London and Graden’s outfits?!?!? I want Lulu’s sweat outfit in my size! Seriously, so freaking cute. My sweet little Valentines!!!

There’s still time to order cute outfits in time for Valentine’s Day! Here is more inspiration incase you missed it.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you all have a great day!