Half Marathon Training: Spring Discount Code

Happy Thursday!!! I know I’ve been a little MIA this week. I got home from NYC yesterday and spent the entire afternoon and evening playing with my kids outside in the gorgeous sunshine, soaking up the first day of spring!

Last night I created a new discount code for my Half Marathon Running Guide — 30% off with code SPRINGTRAINING. This is the most it’s ever been on sale!! I’m starting my spring half marathon training next week, on Tuesday March 26th. So if you want to train with me and if you’re wanting to do a half marathon in the near future, take advantage of this sale!

And be sure to leave a comment below so I know you’re doing it with me and we can connect as we train together. Let’s do this!!!


  1. Ordered it!! i’ve been wanting to try this and the 30% off is just what i needed 😉 can’t wait to start on monday!!!

  2. Hi Emily! I am a fair weather rUnner— i get into running every once in a while , stop, then start again. Is your guide something You can start if you have not Been running for a while and want to start back up again? Thanks!