Must-Have Baby Essentials

Lulu & Roo outfit (about a month ago they sent me a bunch of cute outfits and I’m obsessed with them! So soft and cute!), 2. Nuna DEMI Grow double stroller (this stroller is amazing, especially for twin mamas or moms with a couple young kids), 3. Noodle & Boo Shampoo, 4. Noodle & Boo Bodywash (I swear by this stuff!!!! It’s the only wash I will use on my babies. Super kid friendly and smells amazing), 5. Nose Frida (if you don’t have this, you need it!), 6. Dock-A-Tot (the twins loved sleeping right next to each other right after they were born, but they also loved the Dock-A-Tot. It kept them feeling like they were swaddled and being held), 7. Loulou & Company newborn set, 8. IKEA high chair (I just barely bought the twins these high chairs and I love them! Super affordable and easy to clean. The twins love them), 9. Freshly Picked Mini Soles moccasins (the only shoe London and Graden will leave on! And I love that they have soles now so they can walk in them and not ruin them), 10. Pampers Pure diapers (been using these since the babies were born and have LOVED them! So glad I made the switch), 11. Aqua Pure Pampers wipes (same as the diapers. Love these wipes!), 12. HALO Bassinet (amazing bassinet that has music, vibrations, night lights, timer for breast feeding), 13. ComoTomo bottles (I know there are tons of different brands of bottles but we were gifted these for the twins after they were born and they’ve worked great for us), 14. Baby Brezza Bottle maker (for bottle-fed babies THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!!!! Instantly makes bottles by mixing warm water and formula. Like a coffee maker for bottles), 15. Kiehls creme de corps (can never have enough of this stuff!!!! I always stock up during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale), 16. Nuna PIPA carseat (this was the twins’ first carseat and I couldn’t get over how lightweight they were!!!), 17. Calmoseptine Ointment (my neighbor who happens to be a pediatrician brought this stuff over right after the twins were born and swore that it was the best bum ointment on the market! And I believe it! Instantly clears up rashes or irritated skin), 18. Lanolin (must-have if you are nursing, but also doubles as an amazing lip balm), 19. Baby Jogger stroller (my favorite stroller option for when your kids are a little older), 20. Boon drying grass, 21. Barefoot dreams robe (the coziest thing ever!), 22. Freshly Picked diaper bag, 23. Fisher Price Rock & Play (honestly, we used these more than the HALO bassinets. The babies liked them more and they are much cheaper)

Lately I’ve been getting a ton of questions about what my favorite baby products are. Okay, actually I’ve been getting these questions since before I had the twins! haha but I’ve been getting them a lot lately too, so I wanted to do a round-up of my baby essentials for all you mamas out there!

I know there are SO many brands out there that carry similar products or a different version of a product (some more expensive or less expensive, some all-natural, etc.), the options really are endless. And can be super overwhelming! Especially if you’re a first time mom trying to figure out what you need for your baby.

I’ve added notes above about each product to explain more about why these products made my must-have list and why I couldn’t live without them!

But the best part is that all of our ‘baby essentials list’ look different. And that is totally okay! You may look at today’s post and think “oh, that’s not an essential for me” or you may think “wow, I want to try that product with my next baby!” I’ve always been a firm believer that mothers have a mothers intuition and they know their children better than anyone else does. You know what your baby needs. I’d love to hear what some of your baby essentials are! Comment below and share what it is and why you love it so we can all learn. I’m pretty sure we are done having kids, but Taylor keeps saying he wants another!

I’ll leave you with this… let’s all do our best to support and love one another while we attempt to raise nice humans to combat the crazy world we live in! I’ll do me and you do you!!! Love you all. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. My twins are 8 months and i have the city select double and im just not a fan. Its so freaking heavy. What am i missing here? Other parents seem to love it. I just got the zoe double ans like it so much more.

  2. I think yoru favorite list is pretty similat to Mine:) Also another baby essentials i love Is my baby monitor, i love Infant Optics DXR-8 monitor. It gives me peace of mind that i Can check on my baby anYtime without going in to his RoOm. ThUs this can Expand with more cameras If you have multiple kids.

  3. I love this post! Thanks for sharing! You totally should have a fifth child in a few years (when you’re ready). You are such a good mom, and your kids are beautiful and happy. You should make as many as you can handle. Love your blog!!