My Tips For Battling Eczema

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (my personal favorite!!!), 2. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps (also love this but it’s pricey. I always stock up on it during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale in July!!), 3. Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Lotion, 4. Eczema Honey Original Skin-Soothing Cream, 5. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream, 6. Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer for Dry & Extra-Dry Skin​​​​​​

Happy Thursday, everybody!! I apologize that my posting hasn’t been super consistent lately. We have been so busy with end of year programs, practices, recitals and everything in-between with our kids. May is always a crazy month for us! But I promise I have some good content coming your way, so stay tuned!

I’ve always been pretty open about me and my family’s struggle with eczema and a lot of you have been asking me to share more info about it. So today I’m going to do just that! I’ve struggled with eczema my entire life but I grew out of it. ALL of my kids have experienced it in one form or another. It can be super irritable and uncomfortable, but I’ve tested and tried a few products that we use and love that I wanted to share with you all. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but this is just what my family uses and what works for us (see above, specifially #1 and #2). Capri has also had to cut dairy out of her diet, which has really helped her skin and eczema clear up!

I asked my good friend Monica who is a board certified pediatrician practicing in Utah for her top three tips when it comes to managing Eczema, and she actually recently wrote an article about all things eczema (click here to read her post), but her top three tips are:

° Use hypoallergenic products (laundry detergent, soap, lotions).

° Use thick moisturizers/creams (they should be white or clear) multiple times a day.

° Use a prescription cream sparingly on bad spots if the first 2 aren’t enough to manage it.

I’d love to know, do you or your kids struggle with eczema? If so, what products do you use? What are some of your tips?!


  1. Another product that might help is a Homeopathic cream I usecalled Florasone. I like it because It will stop the itching (so you avoid getting an infection), is safe to use around the eyes, and you can find it at Whole foods or probably any health food store. Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you for not claiming to be an expert on eczema. From a parent of two children with extreme eczema and subsequent skin infections, none of these products that you have mentioned have worked for us and it has been very discouraging (to say it has stolen my motherhood would be an UNDERSTATEMENT). If you are a parent reading this and in the same position as us, do yourself a favor and research dr Aron’s method and see if it’s right for you. his method has been life changing for us, but is not yet widely known or recognized by doctors.

  3. I was so thrilled to see this article and the helpful tips. my 2 YEAR old son has allergy driven eczema, dog dander-level III, peanut level I & Egg WHITE level i ALLERGIES. We are very careful with everything but the toughest part is our family dog, Haley. He cannot have any interaction with her what so ever and it just breaks our heart. our current routine is Cera ve moisturizing cream, cera ve PSORIASIS CREAM, Neosporin eczema cream and Benadryl/motrin for the tough days and sea salt baths for the INFLAMMATION. any other tips are greatly appreciated!