Baby Registry Must-Haves

Walmart Baby Registry

Registering for baby products as a first time mom can be so overwhelming! I remember when I was pregnant with Capri I left so many things off my registry because I wasn’t sure what to get, where to register and how many of each item to add! It all felt very unorganized and confusing. 

Lucky for all of you soon to be moms, Walmart recently launched their new baby registry program and it is amazing! Some of the best, most recommended brands with a wide variety have been added to the the registry. It’s a one stop shop for anything you could ever want and need! On top of all that, it is very user friendly! I went through it all myself and compiled a list of my personal favorites that are linked in this post. I had a great experience and didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I did when I was pregnant with Capri!

1. Hatch Baby Night Light and Sound Machine: This is number one on my list because ALL of my friends say how AMAZING it is! They love how you control everything from your phone, you can change the colors and sounds whenever you want, and its small so you can travel with it.

2. Pampers Pure Diapers: I have always LOVED Pampers pure everything! My kids have very sensitive skin and Pampers Pure are the only diapers that don’t break their skin out in rashes.

3. Noodle and Boo: Like I said above my kids have very sensitive skin, Noodle and Boo not only helps with diaper rash but also cradle cap, and eczema. This literally saves all of my kids skin, and it smells AMAZING!!

4. Halo Swivel Sleeper: The Halo Swivel Sleeper is honestly one of my favorite baby finds. They turn 360 degrees, and you can adjust the height. When the twins were born Taylor and I put these on both sides of the bed and adjusted them to fit right about our mattress. I tell all my expecting friends this is a MUST.

5. Owlet Smart Sock: I had so much anxiety when it came to my new borns sleeping. When London was just a few months old she got RSV and it was the worst and scariest thing of my life. The Owlet Smart Sock is so comforting because it keeps track of their heart rate and oxygen, and if it drops even a little bit you will notify you. I think everyone needs this for peace of mind.

6. NoseFrida: This is amazing. Nothing is worse than when your little has a stuffy nose. The NoseFrida helps get all the gunk out and keeps them clear!

7. iBaby Monitor: The iBaby is seriously my best friend! It is real time video and sound. Whenever there is movement I get a notification on my phone. I can talk to my babies through the app and I can record them if they are being silly! You can move the camera 360 degrees right from your phone! Amazing!!

8. Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser: Is there anything worse than a hangry little baby in the middle of the night waiting for you to make the bottle?? Baby Brezza is a game changer. Our nightly routine went SO much smoother when we finally decided to get this. The bottle is made so much faster vs. when you are doing everything by hand. Taylor and I are OBSESSED with this!

9. Dock A Tot: I loved using this with the babies! It is so light I took it everywhere with me. My babies slept so good in them. I would just swaddle them up and put the Dock A Tot on the bed or couch and it put my mind a little more ease because i knew they wouldn’t roll off.

10. Comotomo Baby Bottles: I have gone through my fare share of baby bottle brands. I did so much research on so many different brands, and all I can say is that Comotomo is my absolute favorite bottle brand I’ve ever used. I love how the actual bottle isn’t hard, it’s soft so when your babies are learning how to hold their bottles it makes easier for them to hold. I also think they’re so much easier to clean when they are soft.

11. Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes: As I mentioned above I love Pampers Pure anything and everything! They don’t have any weird chemicals or fragrances that irritate babies skin. I will never use a different brand of wipes!

Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post!