Be sure to head over to ivlcollective.com to subscribe! We are SO close to launch and I couldn’t be more excited! Subscribers will get the full lookbook sent to their email on Saturday, June 22, and then be given early access to shop on Sunday, June 23 at midnight! I am going to give more details about the fabric and pieces below, but before I do, I’ll say this – we all want our activewear to have a flattering, sculpting fit but also be comfortable. So, EVERYTHING we have created has those things at its core! As a mom who has carried twins, I understand this as well as anyone!

I got a few questions about what pieces I am most excited about. I know that you will all LOVE the leggings. The high waist makes you feel secure and held in, which is especially important for all of us moms. Every person that wears or touches them says they will never wear anything else! The fabric is infused (doesn’t wash away) with collagen, which helps provide a combination of comfort and fit that I hadn’t felt prior to developing these pieces. I had no idea that type of innovation was possible with activewear fabric, so when my design team presented the option to me, I was blown away! I can’t wait for people to try them because I know they will all experience something similar.

The bra has the same innovative fabric as the leggings. It is VERY supportive and comfortable, it doesn’t dig in at all. The fit around the shoulders and back is perfect!

The jogger and sweatshirt have become a hit at the Skalla, Parcell, and Jackson households. My sisters have already stolen several of the few samples that arrived a few weeks ago, which at first stressed me out, but now I look at it as a good sign because it shows they are in high demand! They are flattering, comfortable, and darling! I now also know that they can go through several washes without losing their quality, another plus! They are versatile enough to wear around town or help you stay relaxed at home while on mom duty.

The tank is so darling too. Again, the fabric is beyond soft, breathable, moisture wicking etc. I love that it can be tied up, or it can be left down if I want a little more coverage. My mind honestly changes from day to day on how I want to wear it, so this versatility almost makes the one tank feel as though it is two.

I will do a try on with all the pieces on Sunday and go more in depth on each piece!! Again, make sure you subscribe so you are the first to get the full look book and to shop!


  1. I’m very excited about these pieces and I can tell you have poured your heart and soul into the process. Love this Post!

  2. I can’t wait to try tHe leggings snd joggers! I know you mentioned leggings were maternity friendly but are the joggers?

  3. As far as sizing goes, will it be similar to lululemon sizing? I’m typically a size 6 in lulus, so Just curious as far as what sizing to go by for the leggings. Excit for your launch!

  4. I’m so excited for your line to coMe out! I Just had a question about SubScribing to IVL Collective. I Subscribed but I haven’t ReCeived the lookBook or any emails.