Backyard Picnic

One of the activities on our family summer bucket list was a picnic. We decided to make the picnic super easy by doing it in our backyard! I let the kids each pick a favorite food item for everyone to enjoy.

They absolutely love eating outside and were so excited when I told them about our lunch plans. I think it’s because they can eat and play at the same time. They would take a bite, run around and roll in the grass, and come back for another bite. It was so much fun to watch. 

Also, Graden was killing me eating his watermelon. Each new bite was messier than the previous, but the beautiful thing about eating outside is that cleanup is a breeze, especially when Max, our trusty pup is on clean up duty.

The picnic was such a fun way to do lunch, and I am so glad we put it on our bucket list. I honestly don’t know if we would have done it without the list, and I am so glad we made it. Since the picnic  was so much fun, we are all excited to keep checking items off the list. What should we do next? Comment your idea below!