Happy School Year: Turning my kids into confident superstars!

Pictured: Backpack

Pictured: glue, art case, stickers, trace pad, art book

Pictured: Backpack

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Happy School Year! Getting the kids ready for the upcoming school year is one of the most exciting times of the year for us. After a summer full of activities and fun, I think everyone is ready to get back to school. Capri and Cannon are ready to see their friends again, learn new things, and they can’t wait to meet their new teachers. And I am ready to catch my breath after running them around all summer long. This year, Amazon is making things even more exciting with their Happy School Year store front. . ….. 

To make this the best school year yet, we decided to make some new School Year Resolutions. I sat down with Capri and Cannon to ask them what they thought would be some good goals to set and accomplish throughout the school year. I really wanted to see what they could do on their own to make those goals happen. Capri and Cannon each came up with two resolutions they felt would help them during the coming school year.

Capri Resolution #1: Become a Superstar Reader

Capri thought for a while about what her goal would be, and after some thought she decided that reading was one of the most important aspects to learning. I asked her what she thought would help her reading improve the most, and she said having me read with her and to her would be very helpful. I did a quick search on Amazon to find a book that could help me help her, and I came acrossThe Reading Strategy Books, which got amazing reviews and I can’t wait to use it. We also ordered a few books that were above her current reading level that would help her progress as the school year moves on. To give her some incentive, we ordered an Amazon Fire Tablet and case to let her read anywhere! 

Capri Resolution #2: Find a creative outlet 

Sometimes school can become stressful, even for an 8-year-old. Capri thought it would be a good idea to find something that would help her forget about school for a few minutes and have some fun! She couldn’t decide which kind of art would be best, but after some searching, we found a book that will give us some great ideas for all types of art! Once we decided on the book, Capri had a blast helping me pick out what she wanted from Amazon. It included things like Playdough, colored pencils, markers, glue, stickers and a full art case. We even found a cool light up trace pad and some finger painting supplies!

Cannon Resolution #1: Be prepared for class

Cannon’s first goal was to be ready for class every single day. This meant that he would need to have all the supplies necessary for whatever activity he would be faced with. I filled my Amazon shopping cart with school supplies he thought would help him be prepared. The basics, like a backpack, paper, pens and pencils, and notebooks were all easy. But things like a watch or water bottle were a little more difficult for him to think of. With a little thought and hinting, he figured them out quickly! 

Cannon Resolution #2: Look the part

We have tried to teach Capri and Cannon that looking the part not only gives those around you confidence in your abilities, but also helps you have confidence in yourself. Look good, feel good can even hold true to your little ones. With this in mind, I helped both kids go through Amazon to find a few clothing items (Sweatshirt, pants, shirt, shoes) they though would help them fit the part of a good student. Check them out below!

Amazon is our go-to destination to get everything our family needs for the school year to achieve our resolutions!