My Travel Essentials

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My recent trip to Mexico got me thinking about my travel essentials, and especially what I need on an airplane. I narrowed my list of essentials down to fourteen items I think are must-haves, and wanted to share them with you! 


By now you know that I practically live in my IVL joggers and sweatshirt, and I have really been LOVING to travel in them too. It is the perfect outfit for a flight because it is so comfortable and easy to move in. It is still available in both black and pink, so get one for your next trip! Pair the sweat suit with this cute eye mask from Nordstrom and you’ll sleep like a baby. Definitely another must have. 

For my feet, APL shoes are my go to because they are super comfy and so easy to slip on and off through security. And I couldn’t forget about my Lazy Day scrunchie. Without fail, my hair goes back or up on every flight I take. I love these scrunchies because they don’t leave a crease in my hair and have the cutest bow detail. 


The right carry on bags can be hard to nail down, but I think I have finally found the perfect combo! For a tote, I love bringing my Chanel bag because It can fit a TON of stuff and even doubles as a beach bag. Inside my tote, I always like to keep my Cuyana pouch to hold miscellaneous items and keep things organized. As did a suitcase, my love for Calpak suitcases run deep. They are the real deal and not only achieve both style and function, they are also so durable and built to last. 


Traveling always leaves my skin feeling super dry and dirty, so I always bring good skincare products. A good moisturizer is a must have anyways, but especially on a plane. Really love how well The Quench from BeautyBio makes my skin feel so happy. Also, this Skin Ceuticals serum helps me to not get breakouts while traveling. I really think it’s a secret potion because it works so well. I also like to keep my lips nice and moisturized with this Kiehl’s lip treatment

Entertainment + Misc: 

If you like to watch movies or listen to music on a flight, AirPods are seriously so incredible. When you’re crammed in a small airplane seat, the last thing you want to do is untangle your headphones cords or catch them on the arm of your chair.  I also being my IVL water bottle, and of course my favorite book, “Naturally Tan,”by Tan France. (If you haven’t read it yet, do yourself a favor and order it now!) 

What’s in my carry-on is always changing depending on the season and where I am going, but these essentials come no matter what. What did I miss that is a must have for you?!