So Long Summer

Leopard Plunge Dress, Capri’s Outfit: Shoes, Pants, Shirt, Headband, London’s Outfit: Skirt, Sweater, Bow, Booties, Graden’s Outfit: Pants, Pollover, Cannon’s Outfit: Skirt, Pants

I can’t believe that summer is over and we are already back at it with school. Such a bittersweet time. Right before school started, we did a fun photoshoot with the kids for Janie and Jack, and I had to show you these darling pictures because I am obsessed. I love doing these little shoots with my kids because I get so many photos to look back on and remember them at each stage they are in. I can’t believe how big they all got this year and wish they wouldn’t grow up so fast. Has anyone figured out how to make it slow down yet? 

I also wanted to tell you about an exciting chance to win some cute clothes for your kids. Janie and Jack is teaming up with Mark & Graham and offering $1000 in gift cards for both brands. All you have to do is Once you take the quiz to and get your “Fall Fashion Muse” results, you’ll be entered to win $1,000! It’s so fun and easy. Check it out here

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