Tips For Eating Healthy As A Family

I love keeping a few healthy snacks in my purse and car for the kids to help us avoid grabbing a less healthy quick option.

Do yourself a favor and try these, they are so yummy and only 3 grams of sugar per bag.

Over the last month or so, I have been trying really hard to make sure my family is eating healthy, and I wanted to share a few tips that have been helping us accomplish that lately! 

#1: An obvious, yet difficult tip, is to add more fresh vegetables and fruits to meals. I’ve been trying to find recipes, like a rice bowl or pasta, that have plenty of veggies mixed right in so we eat them without even thinking about it. it’s almost like I trick my kids into eating them! Another great way to sneak in fruits is by having something like strawberries or peaches with cream for dessert, instead of something like cookies or ice cream.

#2: One of the most important things to remember is balance and moderation. Too much of anything isn’t good, and I find the more I restrict, the more I get cravings and want to go crazy. It is totally ok to have a sweet treat occasionally, so long as you are making sure to over do it.

#3: Hydration is key. Your body needs to stay hydrated to function its best, so make sure you are getting enough fluids. As a family, we all picked out fun water bottles (and sippy cups for the twins) that we can always keep with us to remember to stay hydrated. Of course water is your best option, but I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t always taste as good as a Diet Coke with lime, and can be hard to drink all the time. If you do need something with flavor and you’ve already had a good amount of water, don’t feel bad about getting some flavor with a low-calorie, low-fat or nonfat beverage! 

#4: An often overlooked way, is to pay attention and read nutrition labels. This is important for a few reasons. First, to understand serving size, and also to know what it actually in the food you are eating. Often labels try to trick you by having multiple serving sizes in a bag or can, or using words like natural or calcium, before a chemical to make them seem good, but really aren’t. Knowing what to keep an eye out for is a really great way to avoid bad ingredients or overeat. 

#5: My last tip is to eat together as a family as often as possible. I know this is a tricky one, since your family members might be on a different schedule. It’s a hard one for us, but definitely worth the effort and has been a huge game changer. Not only do you spend time together, but you are more accountable for the meals you are preparing and eating

What tips and tricks would you add to the list? I’d love to hear them so I can add them to it!


  1. Good tips Emily. I noticed that all of my mom friends end up eating their children’s leftovers so they don’t have to store a couple of spoons of food in the fridge after every meal. All those extra bites/calories add up so fast [even if they are healthy]! Ladies —it’s okay to throw away or compost leftovers, but let’s not use our own bodies to do that.