My Go To Baby Shower Gift

Plush Blanket, Wire Basket (similar), Lotion, Paci Wipes, Elephant Blanket (similar), Glass Bottles, Aquaphor, Gripe Water, Pampers Pure Wipes, Pampers Pure Diapers, Paci Wipes, Bottle Brush (similar)

I have so many friends who are getting ready to have babies, so I’ve been preparing my baby shower gifts and wanted to share my go to gift with you all. 

Especially for someone having their first baby, I really like to give them the essentials. Walmart makes finding the right essentials easy, because they have so many great brands to choose from. Parent’s Choice has tons of quality products at a great value, which means you can get more for your soon-to-be mom friends. It’s a great brand that I always gravitate to because I know and trust them. I have included some of my favorites below, like their night-time lotion, and a glass bottles and bottle brush. 

I love to put all shower gift items in a cute basket that not only makes it look really nice, but it also keeps everything together, and can be used by the receiver for so many other things after. Definitely a win in my book. 

What are your favorite baby shower items to give?

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