Scrub A Dub Dub

Is there really anything better in the world then a freshly bathed baby?! Bath time at our house has gotten even better lately because we started using Parent’s Choice products from Walmart. They have made our bathtime ritual so much easier and more fun. The nighttime body wash and lotion leaves my kids feeling so clean and ready for bed. I can’t help but want to snuggle them after a bath because they smell so dang good and fresh. 

We got this great anti-slip mat and rinse cup and I am loving them both. As you can imagine, wrangling two kids in a slipery tub can get pretty crazy, but not any more with this mat! The rinse cup is also so convenient and makes bathtime so much easier! I am a big fan of Parent’s Choice from Walmart because they have the best quality stuff at such an affordable price. From one mom to another, you should definitely add Parent’s Choice items to your bath time routine.

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