Winter Bucket List

After our first big snow storm in the valley, winter is officially here in Utah! With the season change and snow, comes so many fun activities to do, and I wanted to share our bucket list of things we don’t want to forget to do! We have already checked a couple of activites off the list already, but the kids are eager to do more. What activites are you planning to do this winter?! I’d love to know in the comments below!


  1. Thank you Emily!
    These seasonal family activity bucket lists have become my favourite content of your blog, and the most inspirational in terms of what I actually transfer into my own life. some of the activities in especially the fall list are culturally related to holidays we don’t have in my country, but it is fun to compare the traditions. Our climate is similar to utah’s, so this Christmas/winter list is 100 % applicable. Great reminder of ways I can spend time with my family and make the season special and memorable.
    Lots of love from FInland!