Day 4!!! I am SO excited about today’s giveaway! There’s nothing better than a vacation or little getaway with a loved one… so today I’m teaming up with The Grand America in Salt Lake City (one of my family’s FAVORITE hotels) to give away a Grand Choice Package night stay at The Grand America to ONE lucky Ivory Lane reader!!!! 

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you’d love to win this giveaway and what you’d plan to do during your stay at the Grand America (also must leave your IG handle) 

° Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

° Follow @thegrandamerica on Instagram 

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old (must be 16 or older to enjoy spa facilities). Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will be mailed certitifcate. Giveaway does not include travel to Utah if winner lives out of state.  If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

BIG thanks to all of you entered yesterday’s giveaway with BeautyBio! Our random winner is….

Julia Gulenko

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will email and DM you to get you your BeautyBio Gift sets!! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow morning because I’ll be announcing today’s winner, along with the giveaway for Day 5!! 


  1. This wouLd amAzing.
    I just got remarried In october and we sTill haven’t had time for a honeymoon.
    It woUld be nice to have some time awaY from the kids. @amypugmire

    1. Hey Emily! I would LOVE to win your giveaway! I Am a single mom to a cute little 3 year old. Ive been so busy Since i started school and i would love to have a Little get away trip! I would love to take my DAUGHTER to afternoon tea and go shopping ❤️

    2. My instagram name is @nicoletaylorbarney

      Hello Emily If i won your giveaway i wouid give it to my parents. Dad has been supporting mom while she battles cancer. They could use a beautiful get away. 🎄♥️

    3. Hi Emily! Id love to win this giveaway because my 5-year anniversary with my husband is coming up. It’d be so wonderful to have a staycation anniversary woth my hUsband at the beautiful grand america!!!

      My IG handle is @honestlyfitness

    4. It feels like i avent had a break sInce having my baby in marCh! I would love to be able to have some time with just my husband to relax. What a great gift this season to have sOme time together!

  2. I would LOVE TO win! We are about to weLcome another Kiddo early spring and i am desperate for some r&r before hand! Id probably get massages for my husband and myself, eat good food, shop and get some good sleep!!!!

  3. I would love a night stay at the grand America. I have never been there. it’s my birthday on Monday and this time of year is always a little hard for me 16 years ago our baby passed away so a little getaway with my husband would be really nice ❤️

    1. A night away after the holidays Will be The best thing to happen to my husband and i , with this busy seoson All we do is working and running around getting everything ready for Christmas and new year,specialLy both ouR families live with us so it gets really busy, beside the fact i’ve never visited salT lake city before but seen many beautiful pictures.
      So eMily all i can say this would be the perfect christmas gift for this exhausted Fellow mama.
      Good luck to us all

    1. Ive Always wanted to stay in the Grand america! I would love to take my mom on a girls trip to SLC. 😊

  4. My family would love to win a stay at thr grand!! We are always coming to SLC for visits and always looking for somewhere to stay and make memories! Would love to stay at this Amazing hotel!

  5. This would be a well needed vacation! Me and my husband just recently got married in june and with school and summer jobs, a honeymoon was never in the picture. I would plan on sleeping in, going to soMe of my faVorite RESTAURANTS and hitting up a jazz game if they are playing! Woot woot!

  6. I would use this gIve away to take my family on a little staycation. We would use the pool for sure and go downtown to temple square to see the lights!

  7. @sariahtay

    I would use this stay as a romantic GETAWAY for my honeymoon! Were getting married in May and would absolu LOVE this!! 💕

  8. I would love to get to sPend a night away with my Husband! We had our first baby in september and it would be amazing to get a night Together just the two of us to relax, reconnect, and get some more sleep!


  9. I would love to win A stay at this gorg hotel. I live so close but sometimes just need a relaxing getaway. I would Take my husband and we would Visit the spa during our stay!

    1. I would love a Getaway with my husband! We both start new Jobs earlier this year, and it woul be a great way to slow down aFter a busy year and busy holiday seaSon! @cournteyjoseph__

  10. I would love to win this giveaway! My husband and I are in the grind of school, work, and parenting. We hardly see each other and would really appreciate the time away to be with one another! @jamienaulu

  11. Winning this giveaway would be incredible! I’ve never been to the grand america!! My husband and i would enjoy room service for dinner, Breakfast at the hotel and for sure spend as much time as we coulD at the spa relaxing ♥️ @morganfarah_

  12. I would LOVE TO STAY HERE AFTER i get married!! Ive always wanted to stay at the grand america, and this would be the most special/perfect time!

  13. With my 9 mOnths old baba. I am so afRaid to travel that might disrupt her sleepIng pattern. It will be perfect for us to stay and Go see the light at the tEmple square without disrupting her schedule.

  14. Would love to stay here to begin the honeymoon when my fiancé and I get married next spring. We miss SLC so much since being home from BYU
    IG: ashleymjo

  15. Our anniversary is coming up and we have yet to celebrate an anniversary haha we have been in school and have a little one and are in our first year in dental school in san fran so we are needing a VACATIon and celebrate our anniversary 😂 this would be so amazing for us! Our anniversary is december 20th and we would love to spend it in utah and see temple square and visit family!

  16. Me and my Husband are from sunny st. GeOrge and nothing would maKe us more happy thAn going north And Enjoying the beAutiful snow, we have always wanted to stay at the grand during the holidays!

  17. Would LOVE to stay here on our Next trip to slc!! We loved walking around temple square and city creek with the children last time.


  18. I am getting married in february and would love to stay here for the wedding night!!!! It would be a dream come true @akali_xo

  19. If i won this giveaway, i would take my best friend who i dont get to see bery often for a weekend getaway. My birthday is a couple days after chrisTmas, and it wOuld be so amazing to get to do something like this to celebrate

  20. I Would love a minj getaway with my husband! We haven’t had one since our first baby was bOrn…two years ago haha 😂

  21. I would do a staycaTion wIth my liTtle family! I have always wanted to stay there & just Havent yet. Would be a dream to win! Im @roByn on IG

  22. I would love to win this giveaway to give it forward to my sweet parents for their winter anniversary. They do so much for others during tHe holidays and the entire year. They would love to have a spa night and a great dinner during their stay at the ga.

  23. With two kids in under two years i definitely feel the need for some “me” time! I would relax at the spa and

  24. this sounds so good! Id probably go by myself and stay in to take time And relax. Life has been stressful this year anD id love a break!!

  25. I would love to win. My brother is a cop up there and would love to send my pArents up there to visit him and have a nice stay

  26. With two kids in under two years, i am definitely feeling the need for some “me” time! I would relax at the spa, dine in my roOm, catch up on All the Reading aNd chick flicks and sleeeep! This would literally be a dream!


  27. I would love to win a night at the grand america hotel! Me and my husband are celebrating 5 months married next Week! It would be the perfect time for us! We hEard great things about the hotel!@sofiatOrnar

  28. Such a great giveaway close to my heart! My aunt lIves in salt lake and i have always wanted to visit her ever since she moved. Thanks for giving me a chance and happy holidays everyone ❤️

  29. I Would love to visit the grand america hotel and introduce my husband to everything salt lake city has to offer! From exploring tEmple square to Seeing the snow at nearby park ciTy, we woUld have a fun-filled itinerary!


  30. me and my husbad have been married for 6 months and we are hust finishing finals for the semester. I Feel like we never see EACH OTHER when were in school sonit wouod be so nice to soend a fun night away with each other. ❤️ Ig @sydnilson

  31. This Is just what we need! My husband and i are bothe medical students and could really use this for a day of relaxation and us Time that we So need of another year of bareLy seeing each other on a day to day basis!

  32. My husband and i have not had a chance to honeymOon yet. It would be a cool spot to visit since neither of us Have been before! @kaylaKlemme

  33. I would love to WIN this giveAway for my husband And I. It would be so fun to get away fOr the night Just us Two! Being a stay at home mama it would be lovely to get a night away with my wonderful husband!


    Jessie 💗

  34. Ive been wanting to start visiting a few of the state parks in the western US and SLC would be a great place to start.

  35. I have and always will love you and the parcell sIsters! I have three sisters and no brothers myself so we are Always daydreaming and being motivated and influenced By your liVes! For me pErsonally, im pregnant with my first. I had no idea i could be so exhaUsted! My husband and i need a break/babymoom and this would be the dream! Ive always wanted to have tea There so thats a must! Oh and maybe go see the NUTCRACKER and have the perfect SLC day!

  36. I would love this GIVEAWAY So my husband and i can have a liTtle staycation. We haven’t gone on a trip oR an overnighter without the kids 3 years. He’s starting medical school next year and i just want to soak up all the tIme with him i can!!

    Insta: brittanycutler7

  37. We would lOveeee to use this to celebrate as a newlywed couple soon!!! Such a magical hotel we would love to make a tradition out of visitinG!!! The robes, room service, esthetic, charm & customer service is the best!!!

    My ig handle is: laurynpelley

    💙 emily’s giveaways are the best!!! 💙THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS GIVEAWAY!!!

  38. Grand america is always somewhere i passed by on my trIps to salt lake city, and i always wanted to a self care/ stay cation alone! Id be very special if i Won this gIveaway to Experience an elegant stay at this lovely hotel! 💗💗 Thank you @grandamErica + Emily for hosting this giveaway and for the chance to win!!! 🙂 handle: @hannah.gorham

  39. My hUsband and i just had our second baby boy in november! We now have 2 kids under 18 months!! (That we love very much!!) We are so busy now! we havent spent good QUALITY time together in a good while! It would be so fun to win and spend some time with my sweetheart!!

  40. I would love to win this!! My husband is finishing up dental school this year and then we are moving to iowa. Money is tight In sChool, and i have always wanted to stay at the grand america. Especially during this magical season!!! This would be the best prize ever, and coMpletely Unforgettable for my little family!

    Insta: @baileefrei

  41. I would love to surprise my husband for our 3 year anniversary in a couple weeks! We are already traveling to utah, so it would be perfect! ❤️

  42. I just had a baby and my husband and i haven’t been able to celebrAte his bIrthday (September) or our anniversary (October). My birthday is in February so this hotel stay could be a Great way to celebrate all three occasions!


  43. I would take my husband for a surprise weekend getaway to CELEBRATE being married 6 months! We sTayed here on our wedding night & love it! I Would surprise him and get us a couple massage at the spa.


  44. Okay this would be awesome!! My husband and I would love A quick getaway TO just relax and reconnect. Good shopping and great food in SLC would complete the experience!

  45. I hAve never stayed at the grand america, only the little america! I would bring my best friend and shop around salt lake for the day and have a chill night at the hotel!

    I hAve never stayed at the grand america, only the little america! I would bring my best friend and shop around salt lake for the day and have a chill night at the hotel!

  47. I would love this so we can start exploring the world with my one year old. We woukd love to show hEr the snow and BEAUTIFUL Utah

  48. Oh my goodness i would absolutely love to win this giveaway! my husband and i are due with our first baby (a boy😍) in february and this would be the perfect babymoon since we have been saving so much for baby and haven’t had any extra to book a babymoon!! I would absolutely die if i won! My instagram is @bryndonjo. 🙂

  49. This would be The perfect getway for my husband and i! We would love to get massages and enjoy the pool!


  50. the grand america is such a beautiful site in salt lake city. i am a nurse working in home health and hospice and it would be so nice to get away and enjoy a vacation!

  51. I woulD love to win And take my family & enjoy this awesome hOtel. My kids would love it.. we would tour downtown salt lake city.

    IG: olishemgarcia

  52. I would love to win a stay to treat my boyfriend For christmas. He has been working so hard for both of our futures together that monday-fridaY he has been doing 8am-12am. Im very thankful to have him in my life and would love to treat him to a nice vacation where we can both just relax and enjoy time together.

  53. Id love to see SLc Has to offer, the goRgeous mountains especially, and a day at the sPa!

    Ig- KEls.Vanderdussen ❤️

    1. Id love to win this GIVEAWAY because ive never been to Salt LaKe city and dream of going! I would love to explore Salt Lake City and Everything else itah has to offer!

  54. Ive always lived in utah but have never been to the Grand america! My husband works a ton So that i can stay home with my little girl! I would love to surprise him with a night away together!

  55. This blog is so upliftinG. Emily is so knowledgeaBle and creative. Also, shes a gReat role model for women empowerment! I would enjoy the grand america stay because this is my First christmas havinG my baby and my husbanD together since his safe return from deployment. We went to Have tea at the grand america when we were dating, we would love to do that again with our little girl. Fingers crossed!

  56. I would love to win this! I am currently 7 months pregnant as a surrogate for our friends who can not carry their own baby. While this has been such an amazing experience, my husband And i are going to Be Ready for a night away after this baby comes!
    Ig @katielynstock

  57. I would love to win this and give it to my Twin sister. Her and her husband’s wedding ANNIVERSARY is in february and i would so love to surprise them with this!

  58. I would love to win this giveaway and give the night stay to my parents. my mom works 2 jobs (1 that is basically full time for a wall street exec in nyc) and my dad was just placed with a new calling in our ward which is going to be a lot of time and effort spent serving others. ThThey would love to go downtown to Temple Square to see the lights Or do some shopping at City creek. I think they would love having a fun dinner at the roof, brio, or cheesecake factory. They’re both so hard-working and spend so much time looking for ways to help others and do things for their kids that they deserve a break for a night. 💛

  59. I would love this! I am currently pregnant with ouT second child and this would be a nice liTtle getaway before the baby comes. My husband’s job is super busy in december and so we don’t get to see each other as much so this would alSo allow us to spend some quality time with each other!
    IG – lo.co5

  60. Hello Emily! I would love to win This giveaway. I just had A surprise baby a week ago. So we are starting the new year with 2 babies under two! Winning the Grand America giveaway would be the bEst to CELEBRATE our new life with a family of four 🎉😊 @LynleeClasby

  61. Would love a romantic staYcation with my hUsband before we hit busy season with work! And we would spa all day!
    Ig: paula.s.novak

  62. This would be amazing! In 9 years of marriage my HUSBAND and I have only had 1 night away. It would be an Amazing chance to RElax and reconnect.

  63. My husband and i HAVEN’T ever been able to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Each year we’ve been married we have had to move during that time. I would love for us to have a nice anniversary without any boxes.

  64. If i won this giveaway i would do a getaway with my FrIends! We never get to see each Other anymore because its senior year we are all working and trying to get in to college we barely hangout so it be so fun to have a gno with them and catch up! Because sooner then we realize we will all be graduated and parting our sepArate ways 🙁

  65. I would take a relaxing weekend! I had a baby last month and this month is our Anniversary and my birthday. It would be so fun to head up to the city and Celebrate together! Id make sure to get the breakfast at the grand america too because it is my favorite!

  66. This would be such a dream! We stayed here on our wedding Night and HAVEN’T been back in almost 8 years!!! We would celebrate what we have created and REMINISCE about our wedding!

  67. I would love to win because i am dying to take a Mom on a trip to somewhere close to us (ca), because moms deserve all the love, and i dont Get nearly enough alone time with her now that i moved out! Winning this would be the Best thing ever ❤️

  68. I would love to win this Giveaway! I am finally graduatiNg from BYu in april 2020 after six long years, and will be getting married in may! I would love to win A one-night stay to celebrate the next chaPter of my life with my soon-to-be husband.


  69. @sarah_leishman

    Hi Emily!
    What an amazing giveaway! I have always dreamed of staYing at the Grand America! If i won, i would go kid free and enjoy the relaxation the hotel has To offer and explore downtown SLC 🙂

  70. Tge Grand america is my dream stay away from the hextic bustle of my life. I turj 50 this year and would love to esCape abd dRown my aging Sorrows there and pamper myself

  71. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS so me and my future hubby could spend our honeymoon night there!!! We are flying out of salt lake and would love to stay here before we leave!! I have always wanted to stay there since i was a little girl!!!

  72. My husband and i would love this!! We just got married in august and have had such a long, CHALLENGING, financially stressful semester at school. We’ve been too poor and too OVERWHELMED to have date nights and this would be such a fun little getaway for us!! Xoxo
    INsta @jennAwoood

  73. I would lOve to win this trip, my Husband And i have been wanting to go back to Utah for a a while now ESPECIALLY salt lake city as we have only been to southern utah together. My husband works so hard for everything we have by working Full time welding and going to Two different Schools full time all so i can stay home with our babies. I would love to win this so i can treat my husband to a nice vacation.

    Instagram: @Brittnisteele

  74. The grand america is my absolute favorite. such a special place for afternoon tea, pictures, or if you’re lucky enough- an over night stay. i always wanted to stay at the grand america for my wedding night. we weren’t quite able to, so a nights stay for our anniversary would be absolutely amazing.

  75. @squirmy_squiggles_
    I would take my sister and we would hang out and do face masks, Watch movies, and have so much fun!!

  76. I would take my girlfriends! We’ve been friends for 7 years now. But i recently moved Out of state From theM and I miss my triBe. It would be the perfect way to reconnect and get some much needed Time away. My friend also recently lost her hUsband so It would be so nice to be able To take her away and Make her smile.

  77. I would love to win this! My husband and i are expecting our first baby due february 1st. This woild be the perfect way to spend some time together as a family of two. We have been so busy trying to get everything ready for the baby and i would love to unwind. @Flogiselle2626

  78. I would take my husband up there to spend a night, i would take him to the salt lake temple to do temple work there before it closes,and see the lights, and just take a vaCation cause we havent Since our honeymoon!
    Instagram: @skylarfotu

  79. This would be an absolute dreAm!!! I just found out my discounted anniversary reservation won’t hold because my contact is seeking a position at another company. Devastated because i was so looking forward to staying here with my husband! Its our second anniversary on 12/28 and this would be the icing on the cake!

  80. Ig: kyrabrim
    My husband and i lived In utah During school and id love an excuse to go back up and visit and have a gorgeous Place to staY! We always wanted to Do the grand america but never were able to and we have an anniversary coming up in january! ❤️ Such a gReat giveaway!

  81. If i won this giveaway, i would give it to my parents. Dad has been taking care of my mom who has been battling cancer. They both deserve a beautiful break such as this. ✨🎄

  82. I love the Grand America but have never stayed! My HUSBAND works in AFGHANISTAN and is gone for months at a time. I would love to win so we can have some nice alone time when he returns!! @cristadennis

  83. I would love to wiN because the hotel is gorgeous! I would love to stay and relax at the pool wIth my husband. Ig handle: mbdespain

  84. I’ve always Wanted to have high tea and brunch here and think it would be so fabulous to stay here with my three amazing sisters!

  85. This getaway would be so good for my husband and i. We live out of state, but are coming to Utah for the holidays. We never get time away from our daughter because we don’t have a babysitter out of state. All our family lives in Utah. It would be so nice to have a night away with just my husband and I to reconnect!

  86. I have never been to grand america but inhave heard the food is amazing! So if i won i would feast!!! @clarissa_atHana

  87. It’s mY hubby’s and I’s fourth ANNIVERSARY this month and with him in PA school, we don’t have anything planned Due to budgeting 😉 If we won, we would love to take our almost one year old with us and spend time as a family.

  88. I have never been to grand america but inhave heard the food is amazing! So if i won i would feast!!! @clarissa_atHana thanks for the awesome giveawAy

  89. I would love a stay at the grand america. It is one of my favorite hotels to visit aNd go to tea time but i have never sTayed there. I would go with my husband. We have 2 Little kids and could Use a little getaWay!!
    IG: alexandramariska

  90. Staying in here is a huge dream!! If I’m lucky enough to win I would have a sleepover with my girlfriends and sisters so we could all enjoy the experience of a lifetime ❤


  91. Ahhh!! Winning this would be amazing. I would love to spend time with My little family, go see Temple Square, & have a yummy dinner At city Creek! My husband and I have always wanted to stay here!!

  92. Ahhh!! Winning this would be amazing. I would love to spend time with My little family, go see Temple Square, & have a yummy dinner At city Creek! My husband and I have always wanted to stay here!!


  93. I would either do a stay-cation with my family or i would do a little get away with my hubby! The grand america is super Close to our hearts because thats where we gor married!

  94. I would love This for my husband and i! We have been saving up for a small STAYCATION and would be a great christmas present and Anniversary gift! What an amazing giveaway!


  95. Hi! My 5th anniversary is actually next week. But ill be 38 weeks.. its been a really hard pregnancy (mental health and PHYSICAL health). I hadnt even thought of a way to celebrate until i saw this post. It would be such a nice way to get away from all the stress and for once focus on me this year.

  96. I have three yoUng kids and we are trying to start new family traditions. One of the traditions we want to start is staying downtown together as a family especially during the holidays!

  97. Growing up, my Grandma and I would always go eat at the Little America restaurant. We always talked about how beautiful the Grand America is and how bad we wanted to go stay there, but never could afford it. My grandma passed away last week on 12/05. I would love to win this to honor her and stay there in her memory. @ashleyolsen1

  98. I’d love a night at the grand for me and my husband. My birthday is in december and I’d love to have a fun night downtown to go and see temple square and have brunch at the grand. Just a relax night away with my hUsband.

  99. If i won your give away i would give it to my daughters that go to ByU. They are all amazing, beautiFul girls (i have 5, 4 whom live in Utah). I live in Virginia and would love to treat them to a night out together enjoying Some together time as well as enjoying the Amazing Grand AmErica Hotel!!

  100. Hi emily! It would be an amazing to win this giveaway! it would be a perfect stay-cation that my man And i wOuld thoroughly enjoy for our 6 yR ANNIVERSARY. Hopes to being boUgee at GA! 🤞🏻❤️

  101. This would be Such a blessing for us! My husband and i definitely need a nighT away from home! We Have an almost 5 month olD and haven’t had a night alone In what seems like forever! also being college students, we can’t afford to do stuff like this on our own, So this would truly be amazing.

  102. Hey Emily! I Have followEd your page for About a year now, and i love it! I love getting beauty and home decor inspo from you. I would love to win this giveaway because it would be the perfect way to celebrate the end of the most stressful and mentally taXing school seMester ever. My husband and i are both seniors aT ByU and are on the dunk team. Between all that plus work, it has felt like we are Drowning! It woUld be amazing to just spend some relaxing quality time together and visit Temple square where we got married!

  103. I am Finishing up my thesis for grad school and A night away with my husband would be grand! (Lol) but i could use the escApe from The stress of school!

  104. My husband and i were married in slc and Spent the night in the grAnd america! We currently live in ohio and would love to go back! Its seriously my favorite hotel and would love an excuse to Make a trip back weSt!

    Instagram: @brenna_mclaren

  105. I would love to win this for my daughter Jordan Lee Roberts anD her husband for their anniversaRy January 3rd. He is a third year medical student at the UniVersity of utah ans she has a 5 year old and two year old ans is 12 weeks pregnant. He has a week off During his surgical roTation the first week in January. they both work so hard! They could use a break. She teaches english on line to kids in China very early in the morning to make ends meet. They would love love love to have this getAway!! @kimberlyjlee8 On insta gram. 🙂

  106. I would love to win this! I am a student and just finished a really exhausting seMester. I have liVed in salt lake my whole like and always wanted to go to the grand amErica, but have never been there. I would take my mom for chRistmas to thank her for all that she does and to gIve her a chance to truly relax!!

  107. I would love to win this because my husband and i are celebrating our 3rd anniversary soon and it would be a dream To stay here! @stefunnycon on insta

  108. I would love to win this giveaway. We just moved to utah a couple of months ago and the adjustment has been hard. I would lice to explore more of Utah & take my son on an adventure to tHe grand hotel & doWntown salt lake

  109. I’ve always wanted to stay here and I’ve lived in SLC all my life! It would be the perfect winter pick me up. @christielfoley

  110. I would love to win a stay at the grand america. Our older children live in utah and go to school there. We would love to spend a weekend up there with them in this gorgeous hotel!

  111. It will be 1my husbanD and i’s 10 year wedding anniversary! We would love to spend it at the grand amErica hotEl!

  112. This would be a christmas dream! Ive always dreAmed of staying here with my husband & enjoying time, just the 2 of us. Fingers crossed For An amazinG giveaway! Xo


  113. The grand america is my familys favorite hotel ever! We plan months in advance Cause its such a treat, and Its our familys favorite waY to spend tIme together. This giveaway would mean i get To reconnect with some of my siblings again and spend family time with them, which means everything to me <3

  114. This would be a perfect staycation for my hubby and i for my birthday coming up! We live in ogden and don’t often spend time together in slc. We’d spend the day in the city and try out a new RESTAURANT! So fun!!

  115. Hi Emily! ♥️♥️♥️

    I’m getting married in AugusT in Bountiful Utah And how fun Would it be to spend our first Night in the Grand America?!?! SO FUN! We would love to win this giveaway!

    You are so sweet and thoughtful for doing this. Thank you!


  116. This would be an amazing Gift for my wife! She has been wanting to do a staycation in SLC FOREVER! We could experience that hotel and grab a bite downtown. This would be awesome! @dgdougie


  118. My sister has been going tHrough a DIFFICULT time and i would love to Give her a relaxing girls trip for some r&r at the spa!

  119. I would love to win this giveaway! I’ve always wanted to visit salt lake city and i’d take one of my GIRLFRIENDS, Whose had a rough year, on a girls trip to get her mind off things. We’d most likEly hit the spa, order Room service, and obviously do some shopping!
    Handle: angeLalyoGky

  120. I’m from europe and moved to Arizona Almost two years ago. I would LOVE to visit salt lake city and the grand america Seems like the perfect spot to stay, relax and enjoy A trIp to a new state!


  121. if i won id love to stay There with my hubby! We had a new baby a few months ago and it wouLd Be close enough id feel okay leaving the baby for the night and such a fun staYcation! @bridgettdedrickson

  122. What an amazing prize! My husband and I just welcomes our second baby boy un september. Which also coincided with our 5 year wedding anniversary. We didn’t get to do a big trip so this would be such a great gift to celebrate 2019! We would explore salt lake, shop, eat some good food and some much needed spa time!

    Instgram handle: jess_shoaf

  123. I have always wanted to stay tHere but HAVEN’T yet! Our 18th aNniversary is coming up and this wouLd be thE perfect dowNtown getaway!

  124. I would love to Win a Stay at the grand america because I am getting married next month and my fiance and i dont get to go on a honeymoon because of school and our schedules. It wOuld be so AmaZing to be able to have a getaway together and stay at a beautiful hotel. I have always wanted to stay there but it isnt In our budget and it would literally be a dream come true!! We will be living in my parents baseMent right after getting married so a getaway would be so appreciated.

    Ig: @eliseachiu

  125. I’d use it as a mini getaway for my husband and myself to have a Nigjt away from our 3 little ones. We’d get dInner and enjoy sleeping in!

  126. @julialovyn

    Would love to visit Utah and maybe get a chance to meet you and your sisters 😆 also had a baby 6 months ago and would love to go on a little GETAWAY

  127. We are headed to Utah on Monday to stay for a month. I’m 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and would love a night alone with my husband!😊

  128. I would take my husband. We havE Only been on one vacation without our children since they were born. The oldest is about to be 10. So a nice little getaway sounds woNderful!

  129. Hi! My
    Husband and i arE driving from arizona to idaho to visit family. i just tOld him the other day how much id love to stay at tHe Grand america hotel for a night to see the tEmple Lights! Please pick me!

  130. Thank you for the chance to even enter! I wouLd love To win because as a mIlitary wife and mother to A toddler its a bit hard to find time to spend with my spouse especially when he’s always Deployed or in the field. Thanks again for opportunity.

    My ig is k_antonaccio

  131. Id love to win this GIVEAWAY because ive never been to Salt LaKe city and dream of going! I would love to explore Salt Lake City and Everything else itah has to offer!

  132. We are heading through Salt Lake City in March! Would be so fun to show my kids and Husband where i lived in high school, the TeME and the beautiful mountains!

  133. I would love to spend the night downtown with my family. We would go see the lights at temple square, visit city creek, and try new restaurants!

  134. A gRand america staycation would be amazing. The spa there is soooo good. I Would love to win -my birthday is on wednesday and this would be the perfect birthday/Early christmas Celebration to sPend with my Husband.

  135. Honestly, after having a newborn 3 mOnths ago, i just want/Need some Time with my husband. This would lend Well to that. ♥️ @becCahbird

  136. I would love to stay at the Grand America as a staycation with my boyfriend! We would Get dinner DOWNTOWN and I hEard the restaurant there is amazing too!

  137. This is one of my favorite places in salt Lake! I love doing Afternoon tea there. Its such a GORGEOUS plAce to stay!


  138. I would love to win this Giveaway because my husband and i stayed at the granD America hotel for our wedding night 5 years ago!!! We have not been back since and it would be so special to relive that night !

  139. I would Visit The beautiful tEmples and trace family history. My great graNdmother and grandFather were mormons that traveled from iowa to salt lake and i would love To rEtrace their steps.

  140. I Would lOve to win a night at the grand america! Slc is on my bucket list of places to visit – and this would help me check that off😊 i would love to explore the beautiful hotel and the city!


  141. Insta houda_sadoq_mills
    Well thank you for your generosity. My husband and i never had a honeymoon and i just discover that i have breast cancer so i will have a surgery (mastectomy and hysterectomy at the same time)but i still thankful to God for the life that im living. I have a one year baby girl and im so thankful for having her. My family and i will love enjoying spend some time in Utah before having this surgery.I don’t want to ruin the mood. But thank you Emily and your Team of IVL. Happy holidays

  142. I would love To explore salt lake city! I love to travel and habe not been There yet! Shopping and afteRnoon tea would be on my list of things to do!

  143. IG @ana_sofia
    I would love to wiN to Have some Much needed time with my hubby and family. My hubby works full time and goes to school full time And i take care of my 3 toddlers At home. It would be nice to have a little getaway.

  144. Wow, what a dream!! First thing I would do is take a long uninterrupted by 4 little boys nap. I would love to visit SlC! I’ve been to amazing plays there and would be so happy with some shopping therapy!!

  145. Go on a much needed family vacation!! We’ve been in graduate sChool and havent haD time or resources For Getaways

  146. My husband and i could majorly use a vacation. We have a 2&3 year old- bOth work full time in law enforcement, and have been wanting to plan a family trip somewhere soon- this would be a super fun trip (we live in california) 🙂

  147. Would absolutely love to win so my husband and i could have a mini stay-cation. We HAVEN’T been away since our honeymoon!🥰

  148. I have amways wanted to stay there! And to have a getaway with my husband wohld be dreamy! Just in time for our 17th anniversary dec 27.

  149. I would love to surprise my nIece (tori maile) with a staycation At the Grand america. This isn’t necessarily the best time of year for her. Her dad passeD away unexpectedly christmas morning (koleI maile 12/25/17) i would love to surprise her With thIs and Help her create happier memories around the christmas season. Thank you!

  150. @triscity


    I would love to win this! I would go stay in the city with my husband for a little staycation, go on a date and go to dinner and do a little shopping at gateway, JUST the 2 of us and find a sitter for our kids.

  151. Love your blog and insta emily!! You and your family are ao cute and fun to follow! And your new ivl collection is so beautifUl!

    I Would swim and sleep and eat at the grand america!!

    Insta is @tiffSnows

  152. Brooke_Cushman
    My kids think hotels are maGical, and i think the Grand america is magical. Swim, eat, play. Id love tO win.❤️

  153. I have always wanted to stay at tHe Grand America it is so beautiful. We pick my Marine son at the Slc airpOrt On the 23rd of december it would be so Nice to stay at the grand it wouLd be such a great gift to him.

  154. Hi Emily!! ❤️🎄 winning this give away would bring thE much needed hoLiday cheer my family is missing this year! My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a feW weeks ago (hes 47!), so we decided to save money this year and instead Of gifts, to Just enjoy quality time with one another! Me and my sister are obsessed with You aNd your sisters! We love how yOu all enjoy family Time as much as we do! It is so rare! I hOpe Whoever wins this giveaway is someone who will take advantage of such an awesome opPortunity! Have a meRrY CHRISTMAS!!

  155. hi Emily!💕🎉 Me and my sister (she just commented above! Her name is madelyn and she told a little of our story😊) aRe such fans of you and your beautiful sisters! This Christmas has brought a lot of chaLlEnges and winning a giVeAway like this would mean everythinggg!❤️ We have been dreaming of visiting utah and seeing the temple! We are talking about how crazy exciTed we would be right now if you were to choose us! I hope you have a great HOLIDAY seasOn! 💗

  156. To be hOnest, i don’t know if this is against the rules, but i would like to win this giveaway fOr my parents. They CELEBRATED their 31st wedding anniversary On the 2nd of this month. I would love to give them this opportunity to celebrate.

  157. I would love to Win this gIveaway so i could treat my sweet mom to a luXurious and rejuvenating getaway! She has had a rough year and i think this would be the perfect thing to help her recharge. We would Order room service, Do aFternoon tea, and watch movies in the cozy room! Love your blog and style! IG: @amy_conrad

  158. This would be incredible! My husband was Out of the country all of last month for work and missed our anniversary. We haven’t had a ChancE to celebrate yet so this would be amazinG for us. We would definitely go to city creek for some shopping and see the lights at tEmple squaRe!

  159. Oh my i just love the grand america. Seeing it lit up at night makes my heart so happy. I have been to tea there a few times and am blown away at the details of even just the lObby. When Visitors coms to utah one Of my stops is always the grand. It sounds weird, but my favorite bathroom ever is the one by the ballrooms at the grand, it is a magical experience to see all the mirrors and dry your hands with a real towel! I could go on all day. Nothing makes me more gIddy than the grand! @madIfeist

  160. My husband and i just had our 14th wedding anniversary. We never went on a honeymoon. We have 4 crazy busy kids. We would relax, visit la bonnve, and have some together tIme. a little get away would be the funnest thing ever! @talyaalan

  161. I have dreamed of staYing At the GraNd American. I am a busy dance studio owner, wife, and mom of 4 amazing kids. my oldest daughter will be leaving For college soon, and oUr family needs to make memories! ❤️

  162. I would love to have a staycation with my husband at the Grand! We would love to check out their Afternoon tea and the pool. Instagram @catherine.n.anderson

  163. My oh my! My wife and i sPent the first night of our honeymoon here. The grand america is amazIng. It would be aWesome to go back! Also sometimes i dReam about their bacon 🥓 at the breakfast buffet! 🤤

  164. I would Love to go on a romantic getaway with my husband! It would be so fun to explore Downtown slc! My instagram is @abigail_erin

  165. I would love to win this giveaway! I have never stayed at grand america, but have always wanted to. I would love to swim, go to the spa, and enjoy the yummy food! Fingers crossed! 🤞🏼

  166. Hi! My husband and i spent our wedding night at little amErica and it was fabulous. We have since moved to arizona and dont get to sAlt lake often. I Would love to win this giveaway so we could spend a night at the grand america WhIle we are in salt lake for christmas and REMINISCE on our wedding in salt lake.

  167. I would love to win this giveaway because i have not been to Slc or anywherE in utah. If i win, i will take my Husband with me and it wiLl be our getaway from our busy lIves in las vegas. I would love to see the sights in salt lake City that i only see on your ig posts! Our First Stop will be The salt lake temple simply because it is beautiful!

    My ig handle is @marydiana

  168. Love the Grand America but have never been lucky Enough to stay there. Would love to use this to CELEBRATE our upcoming 34th ANNIVERSARY. And If I won, We would DEFINITELY have to do the afternOon tea and Visit the spa.
    ~ @tXmamaj

  169. @jessicarploWman

    I love this hotel. My husband and i would use it as a babymoon as we are EXPECTING cutie number two.

  170. I would love to win this because i am super prego and could use some relaxation time with my husban Away from our toddler! Plus we got engaged at the grand america and love it! @bryndeedeamer

  171. This is one of the best hotels we have ever visited. It has been years and we are itching to go back and take our kids

  172. I would love to win this because i am super prego and could use some relaxation time with my husban Away from our toddler! Plus we got engaged at the grand america and love it!

  173. I would love to win this giveaway and sTay at the grand amErica for a weekend get Away with my husband. I just finished my 3rd semester of nursing school and this would be the perfect celebration. @harleeaagard

  174. @shayhardman
    My husband and i would have a little staycation! We Literally leave ohr children and never hIred an actual babysitter so this would be a treat.

  175. I would love to win this giveaway! If i won, my husband and I would be able to go back to the grand America for a little getaway! we stayed there on our wedding night and it was the most perfect, gorgeous hotel with the best rooms and gardens and food and service. I have been dreaming of going back there soon and this would be perfect! I would absolutely Love to win this giveaway!!! Instagram handle: katherine.c.linde

  176. I would love to win this giveaway to have a nice romantic weekend with my wife! Thanks so much!

  177. I would love to spend the day with my husband and daughter, eat some Good food, hang out downtown and also go swimming
    Ig hanDle: k_sofele

  178. We’ve never been to salt lake city, but would love the opportunity to come visit! We would go hiking and tour the city.

  179. I would Love love love to win this! My husband and i speNt the night of our wedding at the grand america. Our one year is coming up And i would love nothing more than to relax and Think of all we accomplished in one year! @_mrsbex

  180. Oh my gosh, i’d pretty much die of EXCITEMENT if i won this. i’ve always wanted to stay there. I have 4 kids aNd 3 jobs so basically i’d relax and enJoy every second of my stay🥰

  181. My husband and i would love this!! Its been a rough few months with not finding jobs and all the stresses that come with that. This would be an amazing way to escape reality for a night and just relax.

  182. I have always wanted to stay at the Grand AmeriCa! It would be a fun staycation for me and my husband!

  183. Yes, pick me🖐 I live in Idaho. Girls weekends are always in Slc. I have 3 teenage daughters. My oldest just got her mission call,for the LDS church. Her twin sisters will graduate from high school whiLe she is serving. So one last girls
    Weekend in SLC is on the agenda. A
    Stay at the Grand AMERICA WOULD be A dream. We would Go to the spa, swim and I have heard the weekend buffet is the best.

  184. My husband and i got married in may and would love a weekend getAWAY! Between working and being students we’d love a stay in SLC to relax and go to dinner.

  185. Just drove past this hotel tonight and told my husband ive always wanted to stay there!! WoUld love a little get away With him!! wOuld Plan on getting a lot of R&R while staying there!!


  186. I would love to win a trip! I have been caring for my sick mom for a year and hardly take anytime for myself. It would be so nice to get away with my boyfriend, of 5 YEARs, and enjoy each other’s company. I don’t get to see him much as I’m constantly helping my mom and he works full-time.

  187. Hi Emily! I would love to win your giveaway for me and my husband! Just to have time toGether and relax!
    Insta: ninnnnadaniels

  188. I have wanted to stay at the grand america hotel For the longest time and haven’t yet! I would take my husband and have a much needed night away from the kiddos. It would be so nice to sneak away!


  189. I have family who live in Utah and it would be a nice to spend a night alone with my husband while on vacation.


  190. I would take my kids and hubby and have a fun night downtown! We’d shop at city creek and swim in the pool and watch movies. @lindsay_salazar_photography

  191. My hubby and i were literally driving past the hotel tonight and Dreaming about how Amazing it would be To be able to stay there for our anniversary. We would love to try out a couples massage and of course eat some yummy food. Crossing my fingers our deam becomes reality.


  193. @kendrabd

    I would really love to havd my first experience staying here, but if i won i would like to gift it to my friend who’s Little boy just Finished chemo and she and her husband could use a break.

  194. @jenstorie2

    The grand aMerica is the most beautifUl hotel in utah. The Legend behind its being bult is Mrs. holding wanted a 5 star hotel in utah and her husband said, ok. How amazing the love betweEn these two people to make such a BEAUTIFUL structure come alIve. I would love to win this!

  195. Hi! Its my 13 year anniversary this month & i’d love to surprise my husband when we come home to visit for the holidays.


  196. Such a good giveaway! I would use this prize as a way to relax and see family after having a difficult year. WHOEVER wins is so lucky! Thanks for the chance!


  197. My husBand and i’s anniversary is coming up and we’d love to stay At the grand america to celebrate! We’ve been waNting to have a little staycation there for a while and Would love nothing more than to order room service our entire stay!

  198. My husBand and i’s anniversary is coming up and we’d love to stay At the grand america to celebrate! We’ve been waNting to have a little staycation there for a while, we love Going to salt lake to eat good food, lounge around and shop

  199. I would love to SURPRISE my hubby with a night off! Take him on an adventure and help him feel the love and APPRECIATION he deserves. I feel dads Do ao much and need to be spoiled too!!

  200. I would love this opportunity! I am currently in law school at the U so I would relax and recover from my finals. I travel past the hotel on my commute to school everyday and I have been hoping to give it a stay. With those student loans holding me back, this would be amazing. @candanowitz

  201. I would love to win so that my husband and i can have a little Getaway! We love spending time together and I love the Grand amErica!

  202. IG @madelinewilsher

    I would love to win the giveaway! It would be lovely to spend some alone time with my husband. Our baby girl is 8 months old now and we have not been able to spend that quality time together. We would Relax, get a massage and eat some DELICIOUS food!

  203. Hi Emily!
    This would be amazing. I am finishing up my degree at the U and i would love a stay at the Grand America. I would spend my time at the spa and maybe go to afternoon tea.

  204. I stayed here with my Husband whEn we were First married anf we talk about going back one day and soend time exploring the beautiful hOtel!

  205. This looks fabulous! Thank you so much for doing these giveaways! I’ve been caring for my mom through ovarian cancer and i could rally use a break from life. I would spend my time in salt saKe city doing resesrch at the family history library. I would trY to catch a rehearsal of the mormon tabernacle choir or a performance at ballet west. If i went in the summer, i would stop in cedar city for the shakespeare festival. Im especially hoping to catch comedy of errors and pirates of penzance this year.

  206. I would love to win this and take my daughter on a special date. She is 4 and will be with her dad CHRISTMAS eve and CHRISTMAS Day. She is my 13 year miracle baby girl, its just the two of us against the world. She is the biggest blessing ill ever get and i cant believe father in heaven chose me to be her mom.i am blessed

  207. I woukd love to win this giveaway for my mom and i because we have not been able to go on a trip together since i was about 10 years old. She deserves nothIng more than to see Beautiful utah and get pampered at this gorgeous hotel. Also with my stress from being in the hospital and balancing graduate SchoOl This woukd be a really nice thing for us to win and be able to do togethEr! We lovee all of your posts and Follow your Family on social media and have the best time following the jackson, pArcel And skalla FamIlies. Pick us!!!!!

  208. Winning this would be so much fun!!! Ive seen so many pictures of People there this weekEnd And it looks like a dream! My kids Would love this. They beg to go to hotels all the time And this would be beyonD just any hoTel. @unforgettablejules

  209. I want to win this giveaWay to give to my bOyfriend. I have been raising my daughter by myself since she was a month old, for the past two years. In the last year my
    Boyfriend Chris has compLetely stepped up as dad. He loves her as his own and gives his whole heart while asking for nothing In return. He is a true old soul and a complete gentleman. I can’t think of anyone more deserving!

  210. my girlfriends and i have nEver been to utah. After following emily for years, ive been in awe of the beauty the state has to offer. This would be an incredible chAnce for my girlfriEnds and i to get away and explore the beautiful state. We would go skiing, horseback riding, explore the city, get our hands on some ivl and rachel parcell, and enjoy a Beautiful dinner at the Stunning hotel.


  211. It would be a dream to win this Getaway! I’ve Been wanting to stay there ever since they built it! been a tough year losing My older brother to cancer. so would Definitely splurge on the amEnities, spa, Shopping, tea party, then head up the canyon for a skii day & be closer to The heavens. XO 💗🎿🏂❄️

  212. THis is amazing! Would loVe to surprise my husband and take him! I just had a baby 3 weeks ago and this would be the perfect getaway that we need! Love going there this time of year as well with all the christmas disPlays its so pretty! Thanks for the chance :)!

    Sarahhatch10 instagram handle