Day 9 is already here and I can’t believe we are so many days into the Giveaway. Today’s giveaway has been one of our favorite’s in years past, so we couldn’t resist bringing it back again! For Day 9, I am partnering with Nuna to give away a TRIV Stroller to ONE of you lucky readers! Nuna’s products have always been some of my favorites because they are so easy to use and hold up to anything the twins throw at them. I have LOVED using their carseats and strollers for my kids and can’t imagine having used any other brand!

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you think you should win!! (Must also leave IG handle and email) 

° Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

° Follow @nuna_usa on Instagram 

° For an extra entry post on your IG Story and tag @emilyijackson and @nuna_usa

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

BIG thanks to all of you entered yesterday’s giveaway featuring Alice Lane!!! Our random winner is…

Ashley Higgins

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will email and DM you to get you your Alice Lane gift card!! Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for Day 10 where I’ll announce the winner of the Nuna TRIV stroller and tomorrow’s giveaway!


  1. I think i sHould win because we have a little one and hopefully baBy Number 2 soon!! It would be amazing to be able to take both around And Ive really been wanting this stroller. And also i think i should win because ive been trying to enter All ur giveaways 😋(minus hotel one because too far)

  2. Oh this giveaway is so exciting !!! Our stroller juat broke ( and of course right Before christmas) . So until we can afford one i been having to carry my 3 lIttle ones. It been a adventure for sure ! So this would be amazing to win !!

  3. Me and my husband are expecting a sweet Little boy in apriL! We are so excited to add a special addItion to our family, it is our first kid, and we would love a nuna sTRoller to add to the excitement,

    1. I just had a baby in september and have a small infant stroller that folds into a carseat. Loved ot but she is getting too big for it. We are always on the go RUNNING errands and we would love a stroller for With big wheels so we can Go through the snow! This Is my dream stroller, the QUALITY on it is just amazing!!

  4. Instagram: @camifinlinson

    We have baby #4 coming in February! Would love to have a nuna! I’ve heard they are amazing! Happy holidays!

    1. What a great giveaway! As a stay at home mom of two little girls, a Good strOller is essentiAl! I have loved this stroller for so long and we’re in need of a double stroller as i have been primarily baby-weariNg. Merry christmas to you and your family!

  5. IG: @chadlinwalteRs
    This is the greatest Gift idea for a giveaway!!! I just Graduated nursing school yesterday and my husband and i Are wanting to start a family Soon. Winning this giveaway would mean so much to both of us because we worry all of the time about how much having children will cost financially. I really Hope to win!!!

  6. @clarissa_athana!! I woUld love to win because my hUsband and I sre trying for a Baby but we Are also students so a stroller this nice would be such a blessing!!!

  7. First of all thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! You have the sweetest heart. I would love to win this but not for myself… for a family in need at our church, they are expecting their 6th baby next year, i would Be honored to help them out anyway i can. Thank you so much and Merry christmas!

  8. I am Pregnant with my first! A boy! And winning this would bE an incredible help! It can definitely Be overwhelming With having your first child Because You have so many Things you need for baby! Due date is Feb 4th and i have looked at This stroller and absolutely love it!

    1. I am Pregnant with my first! A boy! And winning this would bE an incredible help! It can definitely Be overwhelming With having your first child Because You have so many Things you need for baby! Due date is Feb 4th and i have looked at This stroller and absolutely love it!

  9. IG @kaylenmargaret
    Baby #2 is on the way and our stroller that we used with our first was not something we had really invested in and regret now. I have learned that a good quality stroller makes all the difference.

  10. I would love this new stroller for baby #2 Thats due Feb 15. I have a 2.5 yr oLd and do not have a double stroller yet. I lOve the Nuna brand and would love this stroller for our growing family!!!

  11. What an amazing give away!
    I would love to win this give away as i am just Finishing up my first round of ivf after three long years of inferti.. praying for a miracle for my first baby! (Maybe two!?) 💛💛💛 thank you for being so gracious! 💛💛💛

  12. I think I should win because we are expecting our third baby (rainbow bAby) in february and I’ve had my eye on this stroller for so long! It would be perfect for our New Son joining Our family 💙

  13. This is such a great contest! I would love to win this for my sister! She is currently pregnant with a little girl and we are all so excited! The baby was recently DIAGNOSED with interrupted aortic arch and will have to have multiple surgeries after birth. Although it has been hard on her and her fiance she has handles it with such a strong mind and shes been so positive. Im so proud of her and would love to surprise her with this so she Would have one less thing to worry about! Thank you so mUch!

    JacQuelyn Guiliano
    INSTAGRAM: jguiliano
    Email: jAcquelyn.guiliano@gmail.coM

  14. @sarahj.Bennett
    I would Live to win this giveaway because we Are hopefully expecting a sweet little babe, and i have fallen in love with the nuna products through friends and family that have used them and loved them too. And i would love tO stroll in style with a new nuna stroller.

  15. We all love gIveaways but we love them
    More if we can win!!! So i love taking chances!! Im a new mom and i love baby products! I think bloggers are the best RESOURCES for the whats good as they can trY them out! And Hey they give rEviews for a living!! So i get excited about new products!!!

  16. Oh man we had a baby girl in january 2019 then got quite the surprise this summer when we found out we were expecting a little boy in april. Im slightly Overwhelmed but also thrilled. The stroller we had for our first little one was not a hit. Ive been hearing woNderful things about nuna. 🙂

  17. Our family could reaLly use a double strOller. We have 3 kids and dont own a double because its such a bIg expense. When its just me with all 3 going for walks pushing two strolLers Must look ridiculous to mY neighbors. 🤣

  18. We woukd love this Strolelr as im expecting my second baby girl! Heard aMazing reviews! Would be so blessed to get this!!! Thank you!

  19. @downeys.doings
    With my first born, i saved up to buy the taVo travel system. We have alwyas been Obsessed. We are using it again for our Now 3 month old daughter less than two years later. I love that this stroller faces me as a parent! She has some health cOncerns so it would Be nice to be able to see her Cute little face, and she always seems to need to see mine. MAke thOse GRocery trips much more pleasant with the 2 under 2 situation. We also have a harder time getting the tavo into our Very small trunk.

  20. I woUld love to win this stroller, because i lost a baby last Year, and this new baby is giving us A new hope and is healing our hearts ❤️
    Instagram: beregalindo7

  21. First time mom of 6 week old babygirl olivia. Living in the snowy midwest, dreaminG of mommy daughter walks outside come spring tiMe!

  22. Hi, i have been following Rachel and you since years now. And I haven’t seen Such a hapPy family like urs as sisters and individually. You people inspire me and watchiNg your kids grow, is amazing.
    Perhaps, the things haven’t been well with me For quite sometime now. I am trying to concieve and it has been like 3 years to it now, and i have failed. I entered the giveaway so that just in case if i win this, it might bRing good fortune For me and I get lucky enough to be blessed by god!
    Merry christmas to you and your family!

  23. My hUsband and I are expecting our first baby, currently 37 weeks. This giveaway will be a blessing to us, as we are currently going thru a financial hardship since no job wanted to hIre a pregnant women UNFORTUNATELY.

    Instagram: @ilimarrero

  24. I would love to win the nuna triv! We’re having our first baby, a BOy, and we were fortunate to be given the nuna pipa carseat but don’t have a stroller yet. We have to travel to visit our family and the triv would be the perfect stroller to use everyday and on our adventures!

  25. I am pregnant finally after years of INFERTILITY and IVF, i would love to have a nuna stroller BECAUSE i Love the QUALITY and style they provide!

  26. Baby #2 after a 5Yr Baby hiatus has us like $@/?%!! We of course purged all things ‘baby’ Shortly before discovering our rainbow babY was on the way! thinking more kids just weren’t in the cards for us Since 5 years had Gone by without any interventions, we are literally starting frOm scratch! Winning this would be an amazing blessing!!

  27. I have been Obsessed with this stroller and would love to win! I am pregnant with my first and would love to have my dream stroller!

  28. I would absolutely love to win this stroller. Ihave my second baby coming this spring and we dont haVe a stroller For the mew baby. This would be so amazIng because my hubby is in dental school and so we could never afford such a good stroller. I cant explain how much i would love tO this 😍

  29. After trying for over 2.5 years we found out i was pregnant only 3 days before my scheduled CONSULTATION with a fertility specialist! We are looking FORWARD to sharing the exciting news with our families at christmas!

  30. Being a new mom has its challenGes but overall it has been a joy to see my new baby boy grow into his own each day. It would be really nice to Win this Nuna stroller and see his reactions while we experiEnce daily strolls together.


  31. Lgbk4027@gmail.com

    Baby #2 in coming Soon and this would be such and amazing addition for her. I have always loved Nuna, and would love to keEp their products in my baby products collection.

  32. What a great giveaway! As a stay at home mom of two little girls, a Good strOller is essentiAl! I have loved this stroller for so long and we’re in need of a double stroller as i have been primarily baby-weariNg. Merry christmas to you and your family!
    IG: @runninginthebuff

  33. Well, today is my birthday and I have been eyeing the Triv for weeks!!! It looks amazing. I am due with my first baby, a boy, in March and would totally dig this stroller! @allisoneggleston

  34. I would looove to win This stroller! I’ve heard AMAZING things about nuna! We also just found out we are expecting twins this Spring so this would be extremely helpFul 😊

  35. Love all tHese giveaways!! I would absolutely love the stroller from Nuna! I am pregnant with my third child within three years!! it’s my third girl, following in your Families footsteps!
    ig: natalieaberger
    Email: naaberger@gmail.com

  36. I Would lOve to win this giveaway because baby number 3 in on the Way duE JUly 4th and i am in need Of a stroller!! And this nuna stroller is nothing but Amazing!!! ❤️❤️ (Thank you For the chance to entEr)!!😘

  37. I’d LOVELOVELOVE to win a new stroller, especially one as nice as a nuna stroller. I had my first child this year and my stroller is a hand-me-down from my sister so it is looking pretty rough because it’s been very well-loved. Both my sister and I traveled with it a ton so it’s pretty banged up
    xo – Ana Luiza

  38. Starting a family in 2020!! nuna has been a dream stroller on my regiStry!!! Would love the safest and best for my babe

  39. Im so excited for this giveaway!! I had my first baby in may and have been looking for the perfect stRoller for him. I purchased a used stroller from a yard sale this summer and its been good but recently broke. We are heading to disneyland for the first time with my son and To be able to Take this stroller wokld be a dream come True!

    Email: hsheranian@yahoo.com
    Insta: @hsconover

  40. My sister Just found out she’s Pregnant with moNo-mono twins… so nOt only does she have 2 Little ones already (same as tou), she’s nOw getting 2 more teeny babes with a high risk pregnancy!!! So… Ill enter any and all giveaways for her!!!

  41. This is amaZing! I would love to win because i have baby #2 on the way and would love to have a wonderful stroller for our new addition!!!

  42. We are expecting our first PRECIOUS rainbow baby after a really long journey and several heartbreaking losses!! This giveaway would be such a special treasure For our tiny little miracle! 🌈🌈

  43. I just found out i am newly pregnant! Id love to have this beautiful stroller in the new year. Ive been a long time follower and fan of yours for years!! Thanks so much

  44. Pregnant with my second child after being DiagNosed with mUltiple SCLEROSIS back in jaNuary. Being RESPONSIBLE for purchasing everything for this baby (not having a shower/spriNkle) and the cost of the drug i’m Getting (ocrevus) is a lot FINANCIALLY so this would be such a huge Help!!!

  45. So excited to welcome our first baby boy this May! This is one of the strollers i’m considering in getting given I’m already overwhelmed with the amount of baby products there are out there. I’m anticipating a lot of solo parenting happening the next few years (since my husband travels a lot for work) so it’s just brilliant this stroller is easy to use!

  46. I would love to surprise my newly pregnant sister wiTh this Nuna. She has suffered with infertility and we are so blessed to finally have a healthy baby joining Our family next year. This stroller is amazing and so is my sister and her husband.

  47. Cassidy.Dimond@gmail.com

    I would love to win this giveaway. It would truly mean the world to me and mehusband. I am expecting my first baby and I am feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything I need to learn and buy before the big day. I have created an excel sheet of research on car seats and strollers and the Nuna is on the top of my list but my husband and I would never be able to afford it on our own. Winning this giveaway would be incredible.

  48. First time mom, due in early May. Having a girl! Love the blog and IG as it keeps me motivated to stay fit during my pregnancy. IG: abradford02

  49. We just found out we are pregNant with our first baby! We are so so excited and plan to announce publicly on new years day! We would love to win this nuna giveaway because the nuna stroller is definitely a wIsh list item for us Because we want a stroller that will be able to grow with us as our family grows with future children after this one! Merry chRistmas❤️

  50. I would love tO win BECAUSE i am CURRENTLY 14 weeks prEgnant with my first baby and a teacher so this would take such a load off my Shoulders wHile prepping for baby!

  51. I love this stroller and i am fisrt time mom and just had my baby boy. We really need A stroller.

    My ig is enkhtuyab

  52. I have always wanted a nuna carseaT or stroller! This would be amazing! Sorry, forgot to leave IG handle on previous post. Kaylaraebeu. 🙂

  53. Thank you for the chance! I have 3 under 4 and this would literally make my year! My instagram handle is @withlovenatalya .

  54. I love following You for your style, decor, But mostly Because you are so inspiring as a mama following her dreams! Nuna is my favorite brand and i haVe their carseats for my first two & coming June, will have the third in a nuna carseat as well! Would love to win a coMpatible Double stroller !

  55. I would love to win this stroller to give to my 2nd time Expecting friend! She is the most wonderful mom to my GODDAUGHTER anD truely deserves a break. i am sure this amazing stroller would help her feel extra loved at christmas!

  56. I would love to win this cutie stroller because we have one litte one and hoping to have baby #2 next yeAr! Been wanting tHis stroller so it would be great to already have it when babe 2 arrives!!!

  57. Im Pregnant with my first baby!! Im feeling so excited but overwhelmed with all the things i need to do to get ready on top of being sick all the time. I would love to win this strolLer it would hoNestly be so much help!

    Ig: sami_pace_

  58. IG handle: @taylorjoschull

    Would love love love this stroller for my first baby (a little bOY!!💙) due in March!

  59. Oh wow i’ve only been able to admire this stroller fRom afar! It looks amazing and i feel like it would be so nice to lOad into the car and take my babe places! My stroller right now is such a beast i Never take it anywhere because it is such a hassle. I would love this!

  60. I have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half and just found out that IVF worked and we are pregnant! This would be an amazing way to start ouR first baby Adventure!

  61. KkgilberT09@gmail.com @kelligilbert
    Did all bonus entRies!!! Would love this for baby #3!! The only stRoller weve ever Had is an 10 year old hand me down so this would be inCredible!! Especially since ill have three kids Three And under!!!

  62. I am a new mom and have been wanting to get this stroller since i have the car seat and lovE it, But We dont have the money right now to get one. We just had our little girl in november. This would be such a big help! @chanthay3

  63. Dear Emily and Nuna,
    I would lIke to win This stroller so that i have one my kids fit in, so we could ebjoy Fresh aid tOgether aNd i could get some EXERCISE walking with them and some FamilY time.
    Thank you for Considering me.

    Luba PolozOva

  64. Ahhh this is amazing!!! I actually want to give this to my older sister. SHe is a mOther of two and is soo busy and amazing and we made a goal to train for and run a half marathon together this spring. A good stroller Like this would be a game changer for her and enable Her to train even with her little One

  65. This would be sooo amazing to help me take my daughter out with me and show her the wOrld! Days at the zoo, picnics at the park, early morning jogs…i could go on but there really arent words to describe the bonding that happens between a mother and child who Can explore the world together

  66. After 3 years of infertility and meds to get our daughter, indigo boheme, we decided to move on and enjoy life as a pErmanent family of three. Then in october, i literally MIRACULOUSLY became pregnant. And in nOvember, we found out it was twins! This stroller would so help us continue to travel and make memories as a family; even if it’s just being able to go around the corner to the park. Your generosity is stellar and we wish you the happiest seasoN of all 💕

    Insta: @abko/@theBotanikols

  67. I am a stay at home mom wiTh a 3 yeAr old son and baby girl due tomorrow 🤞🏻💖 my husband works so hard to support this family. We have been in a fina Rut tHe past two years and have been living in a camper for a while just trying to find places to stay. We havent had any extra money to buy anything nice for this baby and this would help my family tremendously! Thank you so much for the opportunity and God BlEss
    Instagram is: kay.trejo.photography

  68. I am currently pregnant with our second (a little girl) and would absolutely love to have the nuna stroller. I have been a Huge fan oF nuna evEr since i was pregNant with my son, however we Were just never there financially to indulge in One of their strollers! Now having tWo kids though, this would be such a blessing to have!! 🙂

    IG : @janecata

  69. I’m pregnant with our first baby due on april 2020🥰 we are college students So winning this will help us have more money for other baby needs! Also, I Knew i wanted nuna’s products ever since I found out I was pregnant!

  70. I will love to win because i have a five month baby and we have not gotten a stroller yet. We have beEn focusing on diapers and wipes first because we are a single income Household.
    IG is Onyiakpanisi

  71. This is an amazing giveaway! I’d love to win because i watch my 5month old grandson twice a week and i don‘t have any type of strOller for him yet. Once the weather gets done warmer we will need one to ventUre out in!! Crossing my fingers (and toes)…
    Following and tagged on instaGram as @rainesmom
    Subscribed under kimpcole{at}att{dot}net

  72. cmjones03@yahoo.com

    Hi! I would love to win this oH my 😍😍😭 MY husband and i are expecting our fIrSt (due February 8th) and a stroller is literally the only thing we don’t have yet! He is in his first year of dental school and winning this amazing stroller would be such a blessing! 🎄❤️💚 Merry Christmas!

  73. 16 weeks Pregnant with my fIRst two! THAts Right twins! So this would make life with them so much easier!

    IG: @sadamariee

  74. Hello Emily, I have been a long time follower. i really admire how well (and fashionably) you handle mom life and work life. you are truly an inspiration. My HUSBAND AND I ARE EXPECTING OUR THIRD CHILD. we gave away everything we had for our older children. Financially, winning this stroller would help us big way. happy holidays! wish you all the best!

  75. If i won this stroller my heart and soul Would EXplode with gratefulness and excitement. I Just gave birth to my second bAby girl, and currently have a 1 year old…. safe to say my hands are flipping full, and this stroller would give me the extra set of hands i so desperately need! Thanks for offering this beautIful gift To the world! Xoxo

  76. Winning this would be a dreaM💗 currently pregnant With my first, due End of feb and have not purchased a stroller yet. This holiday season And year has been a tough one. Dreaming of winning 🥰

  77. Hi emily! Im entering on behalf of a friend chelsea. She has 1.5 year old twin boys and she’ll be having two more darling baby boys in april. Four under 4. Wild!!! She Could really use a compact stroller for thr new Babes!!! Xxx

  78. Omg Just today i was thinking about getting a double strollEr! I have a toddler and a 4 months old baby i thought i wont need a Double stroller but today i Realized that i do so this will be perfect for me!!🙏🥰❤️
    Insta: mona_binesh

  79. IG @Erinmeleca

    I have my first little bundle of joy on the way and due in may! We are struggling to get everything aNd after finallllly fEeling better i have started researcHing items and this stroller is a fan favorite. I would be forever greatful 🙂

  80. We are PREGNANT with our first baby and are waiting to be surprised with the gender! We have nothing stored or bought with it being the first so Winning thIs would be a huge blessing!
    Email: laceyjoy92@gmail.com
    Insta: laceyjoygraham

  81. Would love to win this stroller. Currently due march 4 with my first baby and have been checking out Strollers and baby geAr. Would be a blessing to win! Thanks! Xoxo

  82. My husband and i are expecting our first baby In march!! We’re so beyond excited But a Bit overwhelmed with all that we have to purchase as first time parents 🙈

  83. i would love to win this stroller !! I recently had baby #2 and an 18 month old daughter and this stroller would he a dream for me right now ! Between balancing motherhood and being a fulltime PA student this would help so much !!!

  84. First time mommy over here! Im just finishing my first trimester and it has not been easy. Que hyperemesis. Haven’t been able to enjoy pregnancy yet but do Know a Nuna stroller is on my wish list! The safety and beauty of this stroller is unmatchable! Would love to win 🙂

  85. I will be a grandma for the 1st time in June and would love to surprise the excited parents-to-be with this amazing win! Thank you!


  86. I have been so Completely obsessed with the nuna stroller Since we found out we were expecting a baby boy in march and starting Doing research into safe and comfortable gear for him! Unfortunately this year we Can’T afford to invest in a nuna, so this would be an absolute god send! I want to create as Safe and comfortable an environment as possible for my little one and this would give me such incredible peace of miNd. I hope with your help i can give this gift to our baby!

  87. Would love to win this stroller because we Already have the Pipa carseat that would go perfectly with this stroller. Would love to have a Something that converts into a double because we are thinking of gIving our 14 month son a sibling Soon!! ❤️


  88. My sister is pregnant with twins, that will BE babies number 10 & 11 for her. She is searching for a stroller now, wish I could win this giveaway for her!!!!

  89. @angelawaskosmyth

    We are eXpecting our first baby (girl) in april and woukd be so blessed to receive this. Thank you!

  90. @curlyqnelson
    Having a good stroller is important when you go on walks all the time! We always walk to daddy’s work and back when it’s not too cold!

  91. I want to win because i live in san francisco and here a stroller is almost more Important than a car. We walk everywhere! And it would be so so nice to have a Stroller like ThiS to take on all of our daily adventurEs.

    Ig: jenessa.mann
    Email: jenessanielsen@gmail.Com

  92. My husband works insanely hard in a fUll time manager position and has his own FURNITURE company he does on the side. I’m trying to gEt my own thing going to bring in income because i want to buy Nice products for my kids! We could benEfit from this so much! Any stroller i could afford still is not userfriendly, breaks, and now i have a 2 year old and 3 month old i’d love to have a nice stroller!!!

  93. Love Love love ivory lAne!! Would love to win this stroller! Have an almost one year old and Hoping to add on another little nugget soon!!

  94. I Would love to win this, as my husband and i are getting LicenseD next month to be foster parents to babies 0-3 years old.. we have a thRee year old and a three month Old as well! This would really just be the biggest help 😍 thank you

  95. I would so love to win this! I have been using the absolute cheapest Stroller i could find and With all the walks i take my little guy on, having a nice stroller would be lIfe changing! Especially when we add another baby. This is Such a good giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  96. My hubby and i are expecting our first Little babe on the 4th of July!!

    We’d love a nuna stroller- have heard amazing reviews of the brand and love the designs! I know our little firework woUld love strolling around in it as well🥰

  97. After 4 rounds of IVF and several years of INFERTILITY we are due with our rainbow baby At the beginning of May 2020. This is baby #1 And this would be our dream stroller!

  98. After 4 rounds of IVF and several years of INFERTILITY we are due with our rainbow baby At the beginning of May 2020. This is baby #1 And this would be our dream stroller!


    Sorry forgot to include IG!

  99. Hi, im expecting my 2nd baby and i would love to win this nuna giveawAy because i read the reviews and its tOp rated. Im all about keeping baby safe whether in the car or Taking a walk around our nEighborhood. I love the Modern look, the spacious basket undeRneath and the height. Thanks for Doing this gIveaway!fingers crossed i hope i win

  100. I would love to have the Nuna Triv because my family will hopef be expanding soon and we will Need the extra stroller space! The Triv is amazing!

    My Instagram hand is quintessentiallygrey