Can you believe we are already at Day 12?!? It has been so much fun to team up with all the amazing brands who participated in the Giveaway, and even more fun to see all my amazing readers enter. I am SO excited to wrap up our 12 Days of Giveaways with Alaska Airlines to give away 2 Round Trip tickets ONE lucky Ivory Lane reader!!!! **Tickets are good for the continental United States** By the last day, you know the drill – check out how to enter below!

Giveaway Requirements: 

° Sign up for my Ivory Lane newsletter HERE

° Comment on this blog post and tell us why you’d love to win this giveaway and where you’d plan to go (also must leave your email and IG handle) 

° Follow @emilyijackson on Instagram

° Tag 3 or more friends in the comments on my IG post promoting the giveaway

° Follow @alaskaair on Instagram 

Giveaway Rules:

One entry per person. Open only to legal residents of the United States who are at least 18 years old. Giveaway will close TONIGHT at 11:59 PM MST and the winner will be selected at random and announced in tomorrow’s blog post. Winner will be connected with an Alaska Air representative to be given air line ticket vouchers, good for the continental USA (excludes Canada and Hawaii). If you do not wish to share your information, do not enter this giveaway. 

BIG thanks to all of you entered yesterday’s giveaway featuring Rachel Parcell  The winner who selected at random is…

Leah Rigg

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will email and DM you to get you your RP items!!! 

I can’t thank you all enough for following along and entering my giveaways each day! I really wish you could all win something because you are all so amazing!! Your support and engagement mean the world to me and I hope you all have a lovely holiday season!! ​

**Update** our winner for the Alaska Air Round Trip tickets goes to Whitney Carr!!!! Congratulations, I will DM you to get your info to send you your vouchers!! ​Thank you to all who entered and participated in our 12 Days of Giveaways. It was a blast and I already can’t wait for next year!


    1. I would love to explore utah and go to deer Valley (we live in alaska and its CosTly for Flights out of the state) The other place I woUld love to visit is Virginia and See all the history there.

      We are loyal alaska airlines fLyers (ive been flying with alaska Air since i was a litTle kid) and Enjoy Reading your blog And I love your iVl coLlection.

      Instagram – @natashaleeLaRry
      Email – tasha907@gmail.com

    2. If i were to win i would take my boyfriend on a trip to atlanta georgia. He has been working 8am-12am everyday to not only advance in his career as an actuary but to build a solid foundation for us as a couple and as a team. It would mean the world to me if i could treat him and thanK him with this trip for all of his hard work.

      E-mail: Leia.monk@gmail.com
      Instagram: Leia_monk

  1. Omgggg i would love to win rOundtrip flights somewhere! We have several trIps coming up next year for weddings and graduations. ANd since we live near the main alaska air hUb, they have the Best routes! Awesome way to end your giVeaways this year! Merry christmas!

    @simplyotte and simPlyotte{at}gmail{dot}com

  2. I would use It to fly home to LA! I live in NYC so it’s expensive for me to fly across the country very often. Would mean a lot!

  3. IG hanDle- @janerowBerry23
    I would love to visit Maine, and travel through the east coast.
    (Email was entered in the space provided above)

  4. I would love to win thEse tickets so i could take my daughter to new york. Its a bucket list item for her for her 10th birthday. She wants to see broadway and the big city.

  5. I’m 20, but My 50 year old mom is about to have her 7th baby and i would love to gift tHese tickets to her and my dad since they never get To get aWAy by themselves. They’ll be celebrating 25 years of marrIage in 2020! They deserve it and This would be such a fun opportunity for tHem.
    Ig: Emma_roberts28

  6. I woUld love to win this For me and husband’s first anniversary! WE would love to go to New york or hawaii!

    IG:_ mrsbex

  7. I’d love to take my mom on a surprise trip to treat her to something special! We live in different cities so its hard to find time!

    IG: brittany_moniz

  8. I would love to take my 5 month old to kauai with my husband. I think we All need a sunny trip (away from rainy seattle wa) And have some designated family bonding time. My husband got 2 weeks off anD had to go back to work. Somthing like this would bless us so much.

  9. I would love to go to either hawaii or alaska wIth my husband! Both are his dream Vacations! And mine too! He works so hard For us and deserves a break!

  10. I would love to Travel witH my Family on a SPECIAL Trip with our son before he becomes a big brother in may. ❤️ He Is the sweetest and it would be fun to do one big adventure with him.

  11. I would love to go somewhere with my mom! we have never taken a trip just us- and i know it would mean so much to her

  12. I would love to win this so my hubby and I could take a baby moon. We have two kids already and found out recently that we are pregnant with TWINs after trying for a long time. I would love to surprise him with a trip!

  13. I’d love to win so that i can take a trip to Hawaii after i graduate from nursing school in April!❤️

  14. My sister is Returning home from a deployment overseas. I would love to get to Get to be there for her when she returns Home! Two TICKETS would let me bring mY other sister.

    Instagram @mssarajeAn


  15. I would love to go to the pacific northwest! I want to see the whales in puGet sound with my sister.
    IG: @tsomme
    EmAil: proVided aBove, Victoria.c.sommeR (at) gmail

  16. @oliviastorey
    If i won this I would go on a trip to Salt Lake City because I’ve Never been and want to go and drive up to Deer Valley too! Dream trip.

  17. I live in Florida while thr rest of my Family lives in california. Would love to win tickets to be reunited with thEm and have tHem meet my newest baby who is currently just 1 week old❤️.


  18. Omg! This is awesome Emily!! Id love love love to do a sister TrIp with my sister! Go to hawaii or costa rica or Florida or somewhere tropical! It would be amazing to get away from oregon, its so cold here!

    Instagram: gabriellenstorey
    Enail: gabstorey8@aol.com

  19. i would take my husband and 7 month old to washington to visit hIs parentS! He doesnt get to see them muCh and it would be amazing foR my son to finally meet hIs washington family! Great grandma is dying to meet him!

    Email: vtello24@comcsst.net
    InStagram: vtello24

  20. Kim.anderson089@gmail.com

    I would take my husband on a trip to New York. We’ve been talking of going there for years but have never gone. Neither of us have been there and since it’s been a very trying year, that would be an awesome way to turn it around.

  21. I would loVe to go to hawaii or vancouver! Im a med student so i dont get much time off to travel and those two places have been on my bucket list for a while!

  22. Id love to go to Hawaii with my family. We miss the sun!! We live iN seattle and this winter has been brutal! So dark and rAiny (more than normal)
    IH: ClaudySundelin

  23. I’m very iN need of something like this because i would love to give this away to my frIend who’s a mother of two and sometimes more With all the other kids she has to take care of. She always says she wants to get away and just have time for herself, but could never afford it. I think she deserves this. shes completely selfless and works very hard on a daIly basis. She is the Very definition of mother. i want to be able to give her the trip of a lifetime. My IG handle @missmelanierosee and her IG handle @lauryn_nicole1129

  24. I live near Seattle so I would pick Boston because it’s somewhere I have not been and have been wanting to go.

  25. Instagram: JoLafrance

    I would love to win this giveaway!! I would probably either go to washington or colorado!! But the utah mountains ate tempting too! And id probably bring my sister. Merry christmas!

  26. Instagram: szbodine
    Would love to win and go with my hubby to NYC around Xmas to see how the magical lights, shows and experience there!

  27. I would love to take My mom to florida, or somewhere Relaxing/warm. The past couple months have been extremely hard for her (going through an unexpected divorce due to infideLity), so she deserves some time away from all of the chaos.


  28. Ig: sammi_wammy_
    I’d love to win this Giveaway to explore the us with my best gals! Distance is alWays difficult with school but this would make seeing tnem even Easier!

  29. My ig handle is susy_h_13 and email address is susylo13@yahoo.com
    I would love to win this so i can gift it to my parents. They are approaching their 30th anniversary and never went on a honeymoon. This would be such a blessing!

  30. I would love love love to take my fiance on a trip to hawaii or Chicago. We have had a very rough 2019 especially him and i would love to just surprise him with something and hopefully lift his spirits.

  31. I would go visit my family back in utah because my husband and i moved to texas 6 montHs aGo and are unable to go visit them for the holidays. Its our first christmas without oUr families and we miss them a lot! It wOuld be so fun to be able to go back home and see them all.

    Email jenna.peers@icloud.com
    Instagram: @jennapShearer

  32. Hello!
    2019 Has been full of many blessing, but #1 being Getting engaged to the love of my life. Now (i’m sure you knOw) wedding planning has not been easy. Through all the planning the one thing we have always Been sure of is going to alaska for our honeymoon. With that being said, Round trip plane tickets would be an amazing way to ensure that we can go to our dream honeymoon destination. We woUld love to spend our trip in anchroage white water rafting, hiking, fishing, and four wheeling! Thanks in advance for considering!

  33. I am a stay at home mom to 3 Kids, living 500 miles from family and close friends. Starting last year my husband and i decided to meet up with our close high school friends once a year in a new city for some time away TogEther. Last august we went to denver and june 2020 we will be meeting uP in seattle. As we have to fly in family to watch our kids, it would be a huge financial Benefit to win the 2 alaskaair round trip tickets to take care Of our flights!

  34. I would love to travel to hawaii with my boyfriend! We haven’T been and its hard to jusitfy a trip just because 🙂 we love alaska air so it would be even better to travel with them! You trip with your sis every year to hawaii Looks so fun and dreamy


  35. My hOney and i celebrated 25 years Of marriage in MAy. We have yet to celebrate as our Son graDuated shortly after, our daughter got married, and thAt same son just left To go on a mission. I’d lOve to win tickets And surprise my hubby with a trip So we caN finally take some time for us.

  36. I would love to win this gIveaway! My husband and i have been dreaming to go to the french quarter in new orleans, louisiana and walk along bourbon street. if i win, i will surprise him with this trip!

    Ig: @marydiana

  37. This next year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and my big 30 years old! I would love to surprise my husband with an amazing trip, maybe to sunny Florida!!! Thanks for these fun giveaways Emily!!
    Ig adesplin
    Email adesplin@gmail.com

  38. My Daughter has always, always wanted to visit alaska! Shes A freshman now this year and id love to be able to take her before she goes off to college. Xo

  39. I would love to win and go somewhere for my 20th birthday! Im a full tIme college student studying finance and cant afford to go anywhere ever would love a break!!

    Ig: Dianaa_bor

  40. I would like to win so that I might actually have the chance to go to one or more of my bucket list destinations. I would love to go to Portland, Seattle or Vancouver — i would need to check if they fly there first, but those are my “hopeful” destinations! one2win@outlook.com @johannahbrookwell

  41. such a Generous giveaway! I would love to win this to take my mom On a getaway she more than deserves! I moved to boston to get my masters and havent had the chanCe to spend as much quality time with her as i would like.

    Email: daniela.estrella77@gmail.com
    Ig: DanIela_EStrella

    1. Well I apparently did not see The Fine print about excludIng hawaii! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Honestly, I would love to just take him anywhere he Could see aniMals in the ocean. He loves animals and I Heard Hawaii is pretty famous for Its turtles on the beach. But We would be grateful to go anywhere. 💛

  42. I have been on one vacation my entire life. I just turned 40, I’m ready to See different places, I’d like to travel somewhere. ANywhere.

  43. I would love to go to Texas to visit ym friend or find someplace for us to go together – mahbe arizona!


  44. My instagram: jamie_Dynamite

    I would take my husband to san francisCo so we could visit my best frIend of 15 years! That wOuld be a dream come true 😭😭❤️❤️

  45. would love to take a trip with my boyfriend while we are young with no kids in college, we are trying to see as much as we can!! IG: tylernorfleet_ Email:Jenksgul@gmail.com

  46. I would go to new york, ive never been And would love to experience all that it has to offer. Ive wanted to go for such a long time. It Would be a dream to finally get to go. Merry christmas emily, to you and your sweet family! ❤️

  47. If i won this giveaway i would Take my deserving, and hardworking boyfriend to alaSKa after he graduaTes from graduate school. This would be a Dream come true For the both of us! Thank you for providing this opportunity for us all!


  48. Me and my husband met serving an Lds mission in alabama, and we havent gone back to visit! We have been dying to go but havent been able to afford it! I would take him back to alabama to visit our mission<3

  49. Ig Is diaNabelinski

    Ahhh i love to travel and would love a trup to nyc!!!

    Thank you emily for the wonderful opportunity!!

  50. I would fly to san diego! IT’s my Favorite city in the us and dream place to live. I haven’t been back there in over 6 years.

  51. I would love to win this giveaway for me and my hubby! We’ve been married almost 13 years and have yet to take a “honeymoon.” We’ve traveled a little here and there, but nothing fancy or too far away. We would love to go anywhere the airline is available!
    Email: mhuber0712@yahoo.coM
    Instagram: @haus.of.huber

  52. I would take my family To hawaii. We haven’t been able to do a family trip since my 4 Now year old was born and i think we really need a vacation to reset as a couple. Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Omg this is exiting !!😊☀️!!! I would love love to win this So bad! it would be sooo nice to just go anywhere and enjoy it with my husband.its been a rough 2019 and we just want to take a break from it all and this would be perfect. Thank you so much!!

  54. Id love to Win the contest. Its been a tough year this year and would love to surprise mY husband with a trip someWhere! Id Go to FLORIDA or california.

  55. If only i would be Blessed eNough to win these tickets !!!! I would visit Alaska or Go back to park city utah where i chose to celebrate thsj gRandma turning 60 last yEar!! Would go back tO utah to ride snowmobiles again!!!!

  56. IG: brookeccarter

    Im not thr lucky type and have never won a Giveaway but this one is worth a shot and important to me. I love supporting you skalla girls and admire you. Id love to win airline tickets and take my Grandpa to see lake louise before he passes away. Hes also someone i admire.

  57. I would love to win so my Husband and i coudl go on a vacation/honeymoon. We have been married for 4 years but have never been anywhere just the two of us without kids. We would love love love some time for just the two of us!!!

  58. All of these giveaways have been incredible, but this one definitely takes the cake for me! Experiences are always the very best gifts!

  59. I would go to Hawaii with my husband! We never had a honeymoon because I was always sick, and we’ve been married 12 years. Thank you for the chance! Taznjade at gmail dot com @jolenej1030

  60. I would love to finally take a honeymoon with my husband (we’ve been married for 6 years 😬) i can think Of a million places wed like to go!


  61. My hUsband and i Have always wanted to go to new york but We never had the chance with raising 8 kiDs and now 8 grandkids. This giveaway would be a dream

  62. been a reader for a few years now and am a huge fan and supporter of you, your family, your blog and ivl!! would love to take my mom on this trip!! ❤️❤️

  63. I would love to win the plane tickets so i could take my mom on the Vacation she has always wanted – nashville, tennessee. I Want to see the huge sMike on her face if i could give her those tickets and thank her for always being there for me In everything i do. It would be the best thing ever!
    Email: laurenet0621@icloud.CoM
    Ig: @laurentwork

  64. So amazing!
    I wOuld love to win this to travel with my husband! we’ve been so busy with school for so many years and almost all of our travel is just to family. We would love to visit Boston or chicago (near his mission) and expLore new places!!


  65. For some mich needed quality family time after hAving a nEwborn in the nicu—and just a newborn in general. 😂 I’d love to travel to new york or somewhere Up that way because i’ve never Been!

  66. I would love to win this because i am getting married this spring and my fiance and i want to travel together once we’re married. This would enable us to be able to go on a little gEtaway together! We really want to go to someWhere In the weSt side of the country since we are from the east coast—Maybe Oregon, ColorAdo, or californIa. 🙂

    EmAil: klarson1995@gmail.com
    Insta: _kirstenlaRson

  67. I would be so Grateful to take my husband to hawaii! We never got to go on a honeymoon (10 years happily married)! Hes a first responder & his schedule is so demanding. Thank you!
    IG – &hflEtcheR_mckay

  68. Such a great giveaway!! I would love to surprise my husband to a trip to the east coast. He’s been wanting to visit friends out there for a while Now!

  69. I woUld love to go anywhere sunny with my husband. We have two little kids and Need some alone time to focus on eachOther!

  70. I would love to take my husband on a ski trip! He works so hard For our family and it would be great to be able to take some r&r with him to thank him for all he dOes!

  71. I cant imagine anyone not wanting to win this! I love to travel when i can and right now thats usually just work trips! I would love to take a trip with my main squeeze and where to go anywhere in the united states? California? Washington? Maine? TeXas? Oregon? Louisiana? Yes please. So much to Do!

  72. I would love to take my mom to Hawaii for supporting me through college. She sacrificed going to college and living her dreams to raise me. I am graduating this may and would love some way to apPreciate her. She has taught me to be strong and to show Gods love.

  73. I’d love to win aNd take my good frieNd on a trip to nyc. She took me tgere last year And i’d love to repay the favor!

  74. I would love to take my mom to Hawaii for supporting me through college. She sacrificed going to college and living her dreams to raise me. I am graduating this may and would love some way to apPreciate her. She has taught me to be strong and to show Gods love.


  75. I would love to gift my mom a trip to new york! She has always Dreamt of going, and this year she is going ti retire!
    Take her to a show, see some amazing views and eat our hearts out!
    Gah! Sprinkling some good luck here! 🥰🥳✨✨✨✨✨

    Ig: chandlerisaac
    Email; chandlerisaac3@gmail.com

  76. hi!!! my name is allison, and my boyfriend and i are always on the hunt for OPPORTUNITIES to travel! ethan recently has started to take off in his photography career, moving to florida and taking some awesome opportunities and risks! But that is what life is all about, i want to win this giveaway to be able to experience more of this awesome and beautiful world and also to SURPRISE ethan with an incredible trip with memories that will last a life time and that he could use to expand his photography portfolio. He truly deserves it! Thank you so much and god bless!

  77. I would love to fly anYwhere honestly! Would be a dream come true!!!

    IG: renataryabukha

  78. I would love these tickets so my long distance fiance and i could take a trip together for some quality time! We wOuld like to travel to the east coaSt! BOston or maybe dc

  79. I would love to take a trip with my long distance fiance to spend quality time together after the hectic holiday season with all our relatives! I think we would like to go Somewhere on either coast! California or boston/dc. Instagram @tayatkinson28

  80. My best Friend and i are students at USU And wOuld love to go to Arizona for spring break this march! WE saw rachel speak last year at our university and have been following you all ever since❤️

    Insta: @drewschafeitel
    Email: drewbee245@gmail.com

  81. I would love to be able to help take my family to Hawaii! We have wanted to visit maui for the longest time and this giveaway will greatly help us make our Dream a reality!
    IG @michellerankin

  82. It sounds lame, but i would go to Myrtle beach, itS my kids favorite place to visit and they literally ask every day when we can go back haha

  83. Would love to go on a getaway with my husband before baby #3 arRives!! Probably to florida because ive never been and have always wanted to!!

  84. ShAyharDman@gmail.com

    Its our 10 year wedding anniversary this month and My 30th bIrthday in april so my husband and i would love to plan a trip SomEwhere… wEre thinking either florida or neW york/boston

  85. My husband and i have a goal to visit all 50 states before we are 50. Are current spot that is high on our list is boise, idaho. Many have told us the Grand Tetons are amazing.


  86. I would love to visit my brother in Texas for the first time! he’s lived there for 3 years and i haven’t gone to visit him yet!
    ig: @erin21ob

  87. I would love to take my husband and go on a honeymoon❤️ We had a baby earlier this year and then got married and didn’t have time/money to go. Love to go to california and relax on a beach 💛

  88. @mrskaylapetSche

    I would love to visit my GRaNdfathers cabin in Northern wisConsin and bring my daughter and husBand for the first time. He died 9 years ago and HAVEN’T been back since. I really want to go this summer!! These tiCkets would be such a Gift!

  89. I would go to california for my grandma’s 90th birthday 🙂 She would be over the moon to see her great granddaughter 💕

  90. I would love to take my 12 year old daughter to Washington DC! She is such a good kid. Volunteers with me every month at the food pantry. A mother daughter getaway would be amazing!

  91. I am so excited for this giveawaY! Id love to win this gIveaway to surprise my husband with an unforgettable trip to show him how much i appreciate the hard worK he pUts in for our family so i can stay home with our baby!! If we won the giVeaway id love to take my husband to florida and visit dIsneyWoRld! He’s the biggest disney fan and i know it would be a check off his bucket lIst!


  92. Would love to finally go on a honeymoon with my husBand (we married 2 yrs ago) but our financial situation has not permitted us to travel at all.. if i won, would love to go with him to napa. 🙂
    Ig handle – evechic05
    Email – eve.romani@gmail.com

  93. In much of a needed break and this would be amazing! I think my husband and I would enjoy some time away from a hectic schedule.

  94. Funnest giveaway!! I def woukd chase the warm sun and sandy beaches… maybe florida but new england i love.. too many choices!! This is awesome, thank you!

  95. Such an amazing giveaway! I would love to travel to New York or Florida. Honestly I’d be happy traveling anywhere! I haven’t traveled many places but hope to get to one day.