Positive Points

On my Instagram yesterday, I shared the point system I use with my kiddos. This has been such an amazing way to keep them busy and motivated, especially during this wild time at home, so I thought it would be nice to share a template with you!

My kiddos favorite thing to do is lay in bed with us at the end of the day and watch a show. Using this daily chart, each kid has to work for the points needed to earn this reward. Here’s how we do it:

Each day, we make a list of five ways each kid can earn points, such as completing a math worksheet, cleaning their room or exercising. Each task is worth one point, and we let them decide on a sixth helpful task to earn their final point. It is so fun to see how creative they are in earning that last point! In order to get the reward at night, both kids have to earn 6 points – if one of them only gets 5, there is no reward.

I am so busy and unfortunately don’t always have the time to make a full, strict schedule for my kids everyday. This point system has been such a fun, easy alternative while still getting the job done!

Do you use a point system with your kiddos?