Family Fitness

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! These past two months, I have been experiencing every stage of quarantine. First, I was baking and cooking non-stop. I made some super yummy goodies and could not resist eating all of it! You can find some of my fav recipes here.

After my baking kick, I decided I need to get back in my routine and work off all that food (and Easter candy). I knew I couldn’t be the only one needing a little gym-time motivation so I posted some IGTV videos you can all follow along with which I have linked above! I’ve also been hosting live workouts with my good friend SJ too! It’s felt so good to stay active and keep my body moving during this time, plus it’s been such a cute bonding moment with my family! Capri has been joining me on almost all of my workouts and Amy also made an appearance during one of my Instagram Lives last week! I love these little moments with my family.

While I’m still staying active, my workouts this week have been in the form of deep cleaning! Seriously, it is no joke! I’ve been spending my week decluttering my whole house and hauling away all of the junk we accumulated since last spring! It has been hard work but it feels so refreshing!

How are you staying active during this time?

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