Where It Begins..

Hello everyone and welcome back! 

First, I want to say that I am truly so inspired by the community of strong, brave and resilient women we have cultivated through IVL Collective. Your strength, dedication and support has not gone unnoticed, and I appreciate you all making your voices heard and speaking your truths.

Like so many others, I have taken this last week to reflect, learn, and grow. I know I still have a long way to go, and I am committed to continuing that growth – starting within my own home. I love this graphic from @ohhappydani and believe it wholeheartedly. 

Until we fix it within our own hearts and address it within our homes, nothing will change. I want a better future for my children, and for everyone in our world. I hope and believe this powerful movement will bring positive change. I hope from this, we can all learn to love everyone – regardless of skin color. 

To me, it is important to raise my children with respect for everyone. I hope to teach my kids that there is one human race. Yes, it is important to address and recognize differences, but I want my children to know that those differences should be celebrated

Below are some amazing books I have been or will be implementing in my home to open a conversation about race, diversity and prejudice. 

I hope you are all well. 

With love, Emily 


  1. To be honest, this feels disingenuous. It reads a lot like other bloggers who have simply had to do their “due diligence” to not turn off their readers. If you are interested in being genuine,I would much rather see a list of things that *you* are reading to educate yourself on institutional racism. Once someone does their research, they begin to see that, unfortunately, kindness and noble mothering will not bring justice to black americans. Again, it’s an institutional and systemic problem that requires changes in laws and political power. Books that i would recommend are Michelle Alexander’s the new Jim Crow and richard rothstein’s the color of law, along with ava duvarney’s 13th documentary on netflix. of course, if you are not interested in being genuine, you can ignore everything i just said 🙂

  2. Agreed with anna below. This Post Gives me no indication that you stand with People of color. For you to claIm that you took the week to learn and reFlect is a poor excuse for compliance. I have Unfollowed you and your brand. Your sister rachel on the other hand has done a pretty decent job of highlight black women in the community and seems to be making an effoRt. YOu, have done noThing since coming back from your “refleCtion week” also, you have made no effort to call out the issue!!! Racism!! This post is just 8 sentences of beating around the bush. You are not an ally. You clearly don’t understand the issues that black americans and poc face. This post has simply validated what i was hoping wasn’t true: you are not anti racist.

  3. Why are you deleting comments challenging you?? ACKNOWLEDGE people that feel like you aren’t listening or paying attention to them. You are silencing poc that have feedback for you. Disappointed.