Sippin’ Pretty


Hello and happy Wednesday! I know I have mentioned it before, but for the last two months I’ve started each day by drinking a big glass of warm lemon water. There are so many amazing health benefits to this, so today I wanted to share them with you! ​​

Honestly, it is the perfect way to get myself up and going each day, and since I started this little morning ritual, I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel mentally and physically.

Do you have any wellness hacks you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I am good about this in the winter but seem to slack off in the summer. Also, my dentist recommended using a straw because the acid is hard on your teeth every day.

  2. So when you say start your day does that mean start your day when you wake up or start @ 12 when tou fLow Your intermittent fasting schedule?