Are You Blushing?

Hello and happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but last nights launch still has us blushing! Honestly, we are so grateful to everyone who shopped the new collection – your continued support means the world to us!

Not only did we restock some old favorites, we also introduced the dreamiest new dark blush color in the scallop set and let me tell you – it is amazing! Seriously, the perfect color for any season!

Of course, all sets are made with our incredible hydrasculpt technology that smooths your skin and leaves you feeling confident throughout the day. Plus, our fabric is UPF 50+, which means you get sun protection built right in to keep up with all your end of summer activities!

If you haven’t shopped the new collection yet – RUN, don’t walk!

I am also beyond excited to be featured in the #beautybioboss series this week! You can read our super fun Q and A here, and join Jamie and I later today as we go LIVE at 4PM CST. We will be talking all about how I started blogging, how I launched IVL and how I balance both while also being a full-time mom to the four cutest kiddos! Can’t wait to see you there!

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