Morning Run Motivation

Hello and happy Monday! Today, I thought it would be fun to share all my morning run must-haves! I know I’ve said this before, but getting my workout done first thing in the morning sets everything in motion for me.

The very first thing I do when I wake up is change into IVL – being in my favorite workout clothes motivates me to get up and get moving. There is so much to love about IVL, and with the season changing, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite pieces to keep you warm on these cooler mornings!


The high performance fabric is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial, making this the perfect running rally skirt! Honestly, this is my favorite because it is so sleek, but the pleat back allows for total freedom of movement! Plus, the built in briefs offer maximum coverage and are made of our Hydrasculpt collagen fabric to moisturize your skin while staying active!  


Fall is quickly sneaking up on us and you need this jacket for the season ahead! Our Light As Air jacket truly speaks for itself. It is the perfect “chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon” jacket! Amazing for layering up on an early morning run, and easily packs into the pocket making it a breeze to carry with you anywhere.


I couldn’t mention layering without including this top! Our semi-sheer tee is my go-to for cooler morning runs. The long-sleeve gives me all the coverage I need to stay warm but is still lightweight enough to wear even when the sun peeks through. The high performance poly ribbed fabric is also moisture-wicking and offers UV-protection so you can be ready for whatever the day brings!


At IVL, we are dedicated to the details, creating innovative athleisure pieces with intelligent properties like collagen and copper-infused fabrics, UPF 50 protection and antimicrobial features.

Our activewear expertly marries chic design with advanced performance benefits, so you don’t have to sacrifice style before, during, or after an intense workout.

For an added boost of energy to get me out the door, I use Vital Proteins Get Up and Glow! I have been trying to up my protein intake lately, and this is the perfect way to do so while also giving me the jolt I need to power through the long run ahead! Honestly, it is a total game-changer!

Also, remember – after a good nights sleep your body will already be dehydrated. Make sure to replenish those fluids and fuel your body!

Most importantly, find a buddy and stick to a routine! Running with a friend will not only make meeting your goals much easier, but it will also be a lot more fun! I have trained for all my races with my husband or dad and I cherish those moments (and all of the laughs) with them. Plus, you can hold each other accountable and build each other up along the way!

You can find more tips and tricks, a full training schedule and so much more in my Running Guide! Make sure to snag a copy if you haven’t already!