Nike Kids365

Today I am so excited to share Nike Kids365 with you all.  I have always loved Nike and now they have a great new resource for parents and I couldn’t wait to get on board! Parents have so much on their plates these days and there is immense pressure to keep everything stable for their kids. Parents know that sports + movement in general can play a big part in keeping their kids happy and healthy but it’s not always easy to do this.  So Nike realized they had the opportunity to offer real help to parents through fun and timely content that help make sports resonate with their kids. Nike has two great, different resources that can help kids get active and moving.  

The first is Nike PLAYlist, an episodic sports show, created for kids, that lets them reclaim the fun side of sports by owning the conversation + expressing themselves through activity. My kids and I have been having a lot of fun with the Nike ShakeUp segments.  They have some really fun challenges/contests that we have had fun doing like the ‘High Kick Contest’ and the ‘Yoga Pose Staring Contest’.  These are short little activities that get everyone up and moving and definitely get us having fun and laughing together which I couldn’t love more!  I love that Nike PLAYlist is something all my kids and I can do together and it’s appropriate for all ages to join in which is great!  You can check out the series for yourself here.

The second is, Made to Play. With Made to Play, Nike and its partners help kids all over the world reach their potential through play and sport. Did you know that play builds confidence and problem-solving skills in children?  It is also shown that playing makes for healthier kids who turn into healthier adults. This means a future with lower healthcare costs, increased productivity at work, and a stronger economy.  Playing also fights against the chemicals released when young people face excessive stress in their homes or communities.  When I saw all these stats it just made it so much more prevalent on just how important play is for our children and the more we can foster that in them the better off they’ll be in so many avenues of their life.  So check out Nike’s Made to Play for some more ideas on how to help not only our children but the children in our community.

Nike PLAYlist and Made to Play are providing awareness to parents that Nike can be a useful resource for their family, from products to expert advice on their kids’ sport journeys. 

These resources are so important to me because I know how much it benefits my children to have them in sports and to constantly have them moving.  I hope you will look into the different resources they have in place to see what is a good fit for you and your family!