Like A Bandit x IVL

Have you guys met my friend Bryn with Like A Bandit? She is incredible! We met 3 years ago at a dance event that our daughters were attending. We started talking, bonding over fashion and became instant friends. We stayed connected despite how far we lived from each other. As we each started working on our new businesses, IVL and Like A Bandit, we would call each other for advice or just to bounce ideas off of the other.  We both feel a sense of pride for the other and what we have each built for our businesses.  Whenever I came to NYC we would always do a little shopping, or usually A LOT of shopping. Bryn’s goal was to show me you can get great things at a great deal! Which she always did!!

With the recent launch of the New Like A Bandit platform, the live shopping experience is much smoother and quicker. Now if you see something that you like their is no need to wait for a response, just swipe up and it can be yours!! Also, if you create an account and save your information, when you see something you really want, you have a better chance of winning! To see exactly how it works click HERE.

The great thing about Live Bandit Shopping is you never know what you will find or see that day. Today there could be IVL at bandit deal prices! You never know, so stay tuned…