IVL x Nordstrom Launch

We are so excited to announce that IVL Collective will be in Nordstrom, available online and in 25 doors nationwide! Now’s your chance to touch, feel, and try some of our best-selling pieces. This has been a dream of mine since walking the halls of Nordstrom with my grandma, mom and sisters when I was little. And now that dream is becoming a reality after launching IVL just a short 16 months ago. The growth we have experienced as a company during that time has been truly remarkable, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the continued support of this community. Thank you!

Why IVL? This is a question that I asked myself prior to launching this brand. Why would Nordstrom or anyone else choose IVL when there are so many options out there. The answer can be found in our tagline, IVL is Technically Fashion. We have created what I believe is the absolute best combination of high-performing technical fabrics and fashion forward designs. The creation of collagen-infused, technical fabrics and custom designs definitely hasn’t been easy (or cheap!), but creating products that stay true to these two core principles has been our mission.

Now, let me back-up a bit and fill you in on how this came about. Last February, Taylor and I headed to Nordstrom headquarters in Seattle to discuss having IVL in their stores and online. We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon on what was both his and my first trip to Seattle, spent the night in our hotel with room service and several copies of our presentation (very romantic!), and then headed over to Nordstrom early the next morning. We met with their team, and I was given the opportunity to first take a deep breath, and then lay out my vision for why a line focused on being Technically Fashion would be a great fit for them. Thankfully the buttery-soft feel of our collagen-infused fabrics was a huge hit and the rest is history!

Ready to present at Nordstrom HQ
Custom IVL Cookies
Flowers (sinclair & moore)

Here is a map of the 25 doors where you will soon be able to touch, feel, and shop IVL. We will also be online at Nordstrom.com and will continue to offer all of our products through our IVL Collective website.

I won’t be able to travel to many of these locations to be there in person. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t connect and have fun with the launches in these stores. Please share photos of your stores and try-ons with the hashtag #ivlnordstrom.

Make sure you sign up for IVL Collective text and email notifications so that you are the first to know more details about this launch and other exciting news that will be is coming soon!


  1. WHy would NORDSTROM choose a brand like ivl?Because of your sister’s SuCCEss & presence there! Come on, that’S oBvious! 😉