IVL Workout Guide

Incase you missed it, we launched our IVL Workout Guide this week and I am so excited about it! This has been a labor of love and a project in the making for sometime. Since I came out with my running guide I’ve had so many people asking for a workout guide and I am pleased that I can now share it with you! My friend, SaraJane and I have been working out together for over 10 years now. In that time, we came up with a set of workouts that target your abs, arms and legs and can be done in 20-25 minutes. These are workouts we do three times a week, in-between days that we do workout classes. This is a 6 week program that is created is to help you build strength and lean muscle while increasing your metabolism. After 6 weeks, you will have a routine and be on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle all while being done from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mat, a set of 3-5 pound hand weights and 25 minutes!

SaraJane and I will be doing an Instagram Live today at 9:30AM MST over on IVL Collective’s page. Please join us to see an example of the type of workouts you will receive in the guide.

Additionally, on Monday November 16th, we are starting our 6 week challenge to get through the workout guide together! There will be exactly 6 weeks until the New Year on this date! We will do this together and you will have the community support of others taking this journey along with us through progress pics and other inspiration. Just follow along with #IVLCWorkout. It will get you toned up and ready for the holidays while getting you a jump start for the New Year. You can easily purchase a copy of the guide for yourself HERE. I’m excited to have all of you along for this exciting new journey!

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