Furbo|the Best Present for You + Your Dog

I just found the coolest product for not only me but for Max, our lovable four legged family member! In my opinion, Furbo Dog Camera is something every dog owner should have . The Furbo Dog Camera is the only pet camera with a treat dispenser designed just for dogs. The dog treat camera lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home. It also will send you alerts of any important events happening at home, so you can be alerted of any emergencies in real time. How cool is that!! This also works with Alexa. One of the coolest features is the Doggy Diary. It captures adorable moments of your dog’s day and creates a highlight video for you. I always wonder what max does while we’re gone and now I don’t have to!

So as some of you may know I recently moved into a rental. This has been a change for a whole family but also for Max. In our last home we had a big fenced in yard so Max could run around and play at his leisure. In our current home the yard is not fenced in so Max is spending a lot more time in doors these days. So when I found Furbo I was so excited because even though I can’t always be home I can still check on Max while we are out and talk to him through the camera and dispense treats to him. This is so great because I feel like Max doesn’t feel alone when we are gone and I can still give him some love and attention from a far.

Right now Furbo is having their biggest Holiday sale ever! You can save 46% using my link plus an additional $25 when you use code “HOLIDAY25” on your own Furbo Dog Camera. So click on my special link HERE to receive your discount. If you don’t buy it for yourself or if you don’t own a dog I promise this is a gift any dog owner would love to receive this year!!